Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Reasons Why Dating CPA Affiliate Networks and Programs Could make you More Bucks This Recession:

With cyberspace becoming more and more interactive every day, with
so many innovative web 2.0 (or is web 3.0) apps making more inroads; dating affiliate programs have suddenly become the hottest and fastest selling affiliate item in the whole of cyberspace, which is good news for any serious CPA Affiliate marketer; since most of these networks and programs are Performance Based.

Join me below as I discuss real reasons why Dating Affiliate
programs are virtually taking over especially in a recession where
there is less money to spend, more debts to be incurred; yet more
friends to be made.

  1. Love:
  2. Yes every one wants to be loved and cared for; and as a result of this humanly yearning, so many people now queue up at sites like Dating.Com to look for mates that fit into their very fantasy and desires.
  3. Interests :
  4. Offline you could find it relatively difficult to seek a mate or friend that shares the same interests like you, but online this could be relatively easy, and no easier than going to these dating sites to get your groove on.
  5. Hobbies and Pastime :
  6. I once came across a friend whose hobby was sticking together cartoons to build scrap books, most people thought this weird and irrational: and since the guy in question found it really difficult to get a mate or a friend who shares this kind of hobby or pastime with him, made him kinda introverted, always on his own, till I suggested a site for him where he could get to meet people who loved what he did: guess what? he visited the site and as I am speaking he has started a scrap book loving group on facebook. So this is the power of these online dating sites, especially for you the CPA Affiliate who makes the referral.
  7. Sexual Preference and Inclination :
  8. Most lesbians and Gays now find solace in sites like Friendfinder.Com, as this site has proven a long time solution to finding partners who they can share their sexual preferences, fantasies, desires and relations with, without being discriminated against by heterosexuals and straights like us.
  9. Interactions and Sharing Ideas :
  10. Though all the reasons I have raised so far looks similar yet in every sense they are very different, because some times meeting some one new would not necessarily mean to be lovers, friends, sexual mates, rather some times it could be just for the simple purpose of what I call Executive/Social convenience", yes a partner you could share ideas that borders on your job, career, academic pursuits etc in a more social manner and relaxed environment. With this person or acquaintance you will discuss ideas, innovations, problems, antidotes to job and career problems and so on. Dating sites I would say are the best places you will meet this kind of individuals.
  11. Religious Beliefs and Dogmas:
  12. These days due to the proliferation of religious ideals and beliefs, most people now find it some what difficult to meet people who share their beliefs, doctrines, inhibitions etc, but with dating sites it becomes so easy for you to be paired with people who share in your ideals and religious institutions. For any CPA Affiliate marketer this is a big and untapped market where you can match make people with the same religious beliefs and get a handsome reward for a job well done.
  13. Race and Cultural Orientation:
  14. It is a known fact that so many languages, tribes and people are going into extinction as a result of inter-ethno marriages; where people from different race, tribes, ethnic and cultural lineage etc inter-marry for varying reasons. With this state of affairs, the endangered tribes and race now want to be paired with one of their kind, this is where Dating Affiliate Sites comes in to match-make the ideal people to make their dough doing so!

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