Friday, October 16, 2009

Is it Really Right to Promote Adult Related CPA Affiliate Offers? An FAQ that Needs Answers.

To me this is more like a million dollar question, and this has continued to remain more of a controversy,as many people especially those religious and pious Affiliates who think that promoting such offers is against Religious Ethics and Societal values of morality. Well I am not some social critic or the Pope or is it Bishop promoting some religious Agenda, rather I want to present some real reasons why most Affiliates prefer promoting Adult Related (Porn) Offers, while others are skeptical about it as we answer this question in FAQ style below;

  1. Is it Good to Join and Promote Adult CPA Networks?
  2. Answer-Yes because an average adult loves looking at porn stuffs be it soft core or hard core and wont see it as a bad idea buying porn related stuffs like films, Dildoes, aphrodisiac etc . No- may be you are the next pontiff or Moslem Pariah, who knows? and you think it is morally wrong, filthy or even dirty, what ever...
  3. What Kind of Offers do They Promote on Networks who Sell Adult related Offers?
  4. Answer-The single highest earner on these Networks are Membership Sites, as most of the Adult Stars own Membership sites where you pay-per-view for their videos, other stuffs include DVD, Blu-ray, Pictures, Didoes, Vibrators, Aphrodisiac etc.
  5. How Much can an Affiliate Earn Selling Such Offers?
  6. Answer-
    The amount of money an Affiliate can earn can be enormous depending on the amount of effort and time he commits, other things include traffic to his Adult Blog, the kind of Network the Affiliate is working with then the kind of offer; is it pay-per-sale, pay-per-view or pay-per-lead and so on.
  7. What Kind of Platforms can I advertise?
  8. Answer-
    It is a known fact that most Advertising platforms frown at any thing porn, but the truth here is that so many others do not. So look out for those that do and work with them cos I know that Adult related article directories, ezines, forums, classifieds, Pay-Per-Click etc have all being created for the sole purpose of promoting Adult or Porn related stuffs.
  9. What Kind of People Do I sell these Offer to?
  10. Answer-
    The audience could be Married Couple looking for some steam in their relationship, Adults with fantasies and any other person above the age of 21 at least trying to live out his very fantasies.
  11. What Networks can I work with that Promotes Adult offers?
  12. Answer-
    There are so many networks you can work with, some are just ordinary CPA Affiliate Networks like;
  13. How do I sign up with these Networks and start Promoting their Offers?
  14. Answer-
    Well like every other Affiliate program on the Internet, there are certain criteria you must meet before you are accepted as an Affiliate on most of these Networks. It could be the amount of traffic to your Site/Blog, Your Site's Google PR, The Niche you blog on and so many other things which you can only find out by visiting these sites and make your own inquiries.
So what ever you decide to do, examine these FAQ's very well and know if it suites you, but if on the other hand you feel uncomfortable, then you had better stick with promoting every day CPA Affiliate stuffs. Remember to Subscribe to this blog via RSS Feeds to get latest updates and even more...


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