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20 Places Online To Shop For Ideas for Hot CPA Affiliate Niches to Promote [PART I]

Believe it or not as a CPA Affiliate Marketer even with the large data base of products and offers to promote from the CPA Affiliate Networks you are working with, you could still find it a lot difficult to choose hot Niches you can promote for fast conversion, because not all of the offers on the data base of these Affiliate Merchant sites are worth promoting. This is what I'll be looking into as we explore top 20 places you can sniff out trends that will help you with identifying hot niches you can promote as CPA Affiliate offers to your leads.
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  1. Forums and Message Boards:
  2. Hear this, most of the leads and conversions I've made so far all came from ideas I got from the forums I belonged to; most of the times somebody unknowingly starts a thread a lot of people could be very interested in, and from the responses on the thread, you get to find out the wants, desires, obsessions and interests of other forums members, and as an opportunistic marketer (yes that is what we affiliates are) you look at cool offers from the CPA Affiliate Networks you belong to that will suite the desires of these people; all you need do is become a forum solution provider, and when other forum members starts relying on you and trust your judgment on almost anything, this is when you sell your CPA Affiliate offers and make your dough. Below are a list of forums both General and Niche based you can start from;
    For a detailed Review of forums, visit
  1. Social Networks:
  2. Social Networks like forums are great places where you interact and make friends, discuss topics of interests, hang out and so on. On Social Networks you can create groups or join existing ones; these networks are notorious for discussing hot trends on so many things, from Politics, Music, Films, Technology, Education, Web 2.0 Apps etc and these makes it a cool place where you can generate ideas for identifying cpa offers that will bring in the most conversion. A decent list of some social networks to get your groove will include;
  3. Affiliate Directories:
  4. Affiliate Directories are places where Affiliate Networks and ordinary individuals who run Affiliate programs can submit their programs for inclusion. If you ask me, this is one very powerful rendezvous for every thing Affiliate Marketing, here you get tips, News, buzz, experiences and just about any thing that pertains to Affiliate Marketing. Some Affiliate Directories where you can hang out for News will include;
  5. Google Hot Trends:
  6. You one stop hang out where you can get the latest trends on broad searches conducted region by region, state by state and country by country. Google Hot trends gives you a detailed statistics on what is hot and raving in any given country. It tells you the hottest sites where these things are happening and so much more, just go check it out on , you'll be glad you did. Use this powerful tool to know what are the best CPA Affiliate deals you can offer to your target market; is by state, region or Globally. just do it!
  7. Niche Suggestion Sites:
  8. Niche suggestion sites are like Niche Search Engines, it tells you what niches are hot, over-crowded and small based on keywords. These sites go further than that as it gives you keyword suggestion tools for you to right on time for the SEO race. Via these sites you can decide what kind of Affiliate deals will be most suitable for you based on your Advert budget and all of that, it will help you stay clear murky and generic and over crowded niches that you can never benefit from; and if some how decide not to heed the advice and warnings of these Niche suggestion sites, you will be up against the big guys and Affiliate mafia and over lords who make six figure income doing Affiliate marketing, who also have the financial muscle to crush your efforts even before you try. The following sites will help you avoid just that;
    • This is my number one pick as this site work tirelessly every day sending you updates and hottest niches you can promote to your mail box, it does more than as it even gives you the Pay-Per-Click price of the Niche which will help you if you are an Adsense Publisher (which I know you are), then above all these gives you a zip folder of all the searches conducted on the Niche, or am so excited, just go see it your self. it sure worth it, try it!
    • With its beautiful leggy blond model guide that helps you circumvent this site, wow! its really appetizing (sorry I hope you are not thinking of...)
    • Another cool place to see.
  9. Online Shopping Portals and Auction Sites:
  10. With the Yuletide fast approaching, so many shoppers will be visiting these sites to place orders on the very stuffs they need to celebrate the season; from shoes, hand bags, clothing items (men. women, children), phones and even a jacuzzi bath, so if you are a savvy CPA Affiliate Marketer which you are supposed to be, this is a great opportunity for you to sniff out the hottest stuffs that will generate the most leads and deliver the most conversion. A great number of such places will include;
    • The very best that will continue to dominate the scene for a very log time.
    • The rave of the moment, with a PPC Affiliate program that gives Adsense a run for their money.
    • GoogleBase
    • Google's online shopping portal (formerly Froogle).
    • Just saved the best for last, as this is one place that will continue to remembered for offering little publishers like you an I to benefit from the Billions of dollars generated from this site through its one stop Associate program.
  11. Article Directories:
  12. Article directories are places where people visit for solutions to their endless troubles, desires and obsession. On all most all these Directories; articles are categorized with a statistics on the most read articles from which you can really see what kind of things people are reading and seeking urgent answers and solutions, which will be good business for you the CPA Affiliate. You can register with these directories and start contributing to their data base based on the niche you are currently promoting (remember these directories do not tolerate affiliate links both in your resource box and the body of your article. If you do not have a blog/site, you can use your hubpages or squidoo links for more you can see my post titled EASY WAYS TO PROMOTING COST PER ACTION (CPA) AFFILIATE OFFERS OR PAY PER LEAD PROGRAMS WITHOUT A FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE. Top Article directories you can start with can include; You can see a detailed list of top Article directories via this Post titled Give your CPA Affiliate offers more Exposure via Article Writing and Submission: Top Articles Drectories Where You can Submit Your Articles.
  13. Advertising Networks:
  14. These are Networks that attract big Advertisers, B2B Firms, Fortune 1000 companies to advertise using their platforms mostly on a eCPM bases, meaning earnings per 1,000 page impressions. These networks remains another potent source for a savvy CPA Affiliate marketer to shop for very hot niches via the kind of advertisers it attracts and page impressions of Ads displayed on these Networks Home pages. A good number of Top Ad Networks will include;
  15. Affiliate Networks:
  16. What other place can you visit, sign up and make some dough if not from these Networks, it has become relatively easy these days as most of the networks offer real time stats on the best sellers and most widely sought for affiliate offers from which you can use to launch your affiliate marketing campaign and make more leads and ultimately more dough. Some cool Affiliate Networks are;
    • Clickbank.Com
    • The biggest Affiliate Network for digital products; at clickbank you get product stats, real time reporting and prompt payment of commissions to Affiliates. Others include;
    • CommissionJunction.Com
    • Probably the largest Affiliate Performance Based Affiliate Network.
    • LinkShare.Com
    • MaxBounty.Com
    • The best CPA Affiliate Network worth joining.
  17. Yahoo Buzz:
  18. This is Yahoo's answer to Google trends, as it does almost every thing that Google trends does, so check it up y'all and see how you can use this very vital tool create hot offers for your CPA Affiliate marketing campaign.

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