Friday, October 9, 2009

4 Danger Signs That your CPA Affiliate Efforts are not Paying Off; How to get It going Again:

One problem that will continue to remain a re-occurring decimal in the scheme of every Affiliate marketer is failed marketing campaigns. This is why the top guys who understand the game keep on making the dough, while the many thousands who don't, lick their sore wounds and suck.

Why not join me as we take a closer look at what are the real causes of failed Affiliate Marketing campaigns, in the process we will also identify possible danger signs that your marketing efforts are not bringing in the desired conversion, then look at ways to get you back on;

  • Danger Sign 1- Your Banner Ads are Not Compelling Enough:
    Most CPA Affiliate marketers (me inclusive) think a beautiful and animated banner ad can start pulling in the leads and the dough, well I am sorry to announce that it doesn't work that way, because there has to be some driving force to make these ads compelling enough for it to bring in conversion, a lot of factors needs to be considered in the process, from placement of Ads, text color of the Ad, color and size of frame, and most importantly content. This is the plain reason why you are not getting those useful clicks- it could be that the banner ads where wrongly placed, the colors do not match with that of your blog or site or even the ads are not relevant to your readers based on the type of content on your blog or site and so many other real and flimsy reasons. Solution First of all, do appropriate keywords research you can start from using Word Tracker's Free Keyword Tool, other places includes KeyWord Country.Com etc. When I started out newly, I never bordered on this, in as much as I can deliver good content to my readers then why the heck should I get bordered with getting my keywords acts together; though good content is very important, but understanding stuffs like keywords density, placement, frequency and so on will help you in delivering even superb and contextual content that not only your readers will find relevant, but will also be food for the search engines who love fresh and unique content. Then look at the color and background of your blog/site, what ad colors are most suitable for it I've noticed that my adsense click through rates gets to the roof tops when I use deep blue frame over light blue text, this could work for you or vice versa, just make sure you get it right by testing, testing and testing. 

  • Danger Sign 2-Your Written Reviews are not Getting the Required Page views and Conversions:

  • Good and well written reviews are the catalyst that quickens the rate at which a product or service is patronized; but unfortunately for you, the reviews you have written so far is not getting the required page views and click throughs that will make the conversions that will bring in the dough. If you are faced with a this kinda situation, then it becomes pertinent for you to look at possible was to get such reviews get the required exposure and page views. Solution First of all take a look at the offer you are promoting from a personal perspective, is it a product or service you'll find useful yourself? is a product or service with a good number of audience wanting to either use it or even experience its effect? When you have answered this question sincerely, it is time you took a closer look at the product, read the landing/sales page of this product, study the uses, benefits, merits and demerits of using this product and more. After doing all this, it is time for you to sit and write the reviews proper. To make your prospects and possible leads read and sign up for your offer, write your reviews from the customer perspective and not from yours; do the following in your review;
    • Highlight the benefits of using the product or service
    • Write in clear, simple and easy to understand language
    • Sound urgent
    • Use catchy and arresting headlines (this should come first)
    • Use compelling words and phrases like discover, how to, surefire ways, top secrets, (number) ways to etc

    • Danger Sign 3-My Advertising Campaigns are Yielding no Result :
      This is another major problem of so many Internet marketers; which is not knowing the right advertising mediums to run an effective (CPA) Affiliate campaign, even those who know don't know how to harness these platforms for maximum results. Solution Now for you to really know the right platforms to advertise, the following places should act as a guide, Forums Online Shopping Portals Affiliate Directories Article Directories After observing the trend on these places, it is time you to advertise, for you to advertise for results the following places would give your offers a great deal of exposure.
      • Niche Based Forums, see Big-Boards.Com
      • Ezines related to your Offers, see DirectoryOfEzines.Com
      • Craigs List and other top classified Ad sites
      • Submitting articles and product reviews to Article Directories and Paid-to-Write-Reviews Sites
    • Danger Sign 4-The Advertising Platforms are not as Effective as Expected::
      Yes you have chose the right platforms and promising advertising channels and mediums, and yet your advertising campaigns and efforts are still yielding no result, you will start wondering and asking your self "is it that the advertising platforms I choose are not that effective?" well the answer is a capital NO!, the simple reason for your not getting results is because you ain't doing it right period! Now you 'll ask your self why is it that I am not getting it right?. It could be that your ads are wrongly targeted either by gender, age, race and in most cases geographic location, it could also mean wrong timing, wrong audience and wrong niche. Solution For your Advertising campaign to be as effective as expected you need to understand the "5 W's of Advertising Success", which is "Who do I advertise to?" "How do I advertise?" "What do I advertise?" "Where do I advertise?" and "when is the right time to advertise?" When you have effectively answered these questions, then you will know who is the right person or target audience to advertise to, is it men, women, children, young people, gays, lesbians, straights? etc. After which you will know how to advertise, then what to advertise, where to advertise, will it be forums, social medias, offline pubs. ezines? etc, then finally when is the right time to advertise, is it valentine, Christmas, Easter, Halloween season etc.

    After answering these 5 Advertising Questions, it is time you said good bye to failed advertising campaigns, or what do you think?


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