Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Benefits of Supplementing Your Internet Marketing Earnings with CPA Affiliate Programs

On this blog recently I discussed 10 Steps to Becoming a Super CPA Affiliate Marketer , now I want to list 10 benefits of promoting CPA Affiliate programs, especially as a supplement to your multiple streams of Internet earnings.

  1. Free to Join
  2. Yes it is free to join as almost all affiliate programs, all you need is a well drafted paid or free blog with a good theme, and the rest is bingo!
  3. Easy to Convert
  4. These days many advertisers and publishers alike, now prefer pay per lead adverts than the others like pay-per-click, this is so because it is easier to bring in conversions; remember an affiliate gets paid when a desired action is carried out;and in event of the prospect not taking immediate action, he will get into the merchant's list, and this will give the merchant access to this prospect through subsequent mailings reminding him of the need to patronize the offer he's got on the table, but in pay per click the reverse is the case, as a prospect clicks on ads and in most cases don't get to take action, and also don't get into the merchant's list.
  5. Requires Little Effort and Cost
  6. Most CPA Affiliate offers are too juicy since they get to offer freebies and other cool and tempting stuffs for a prospect to sign up to have access to; so as a CPA Affiliate all you need do is write good reviews and position your offers on places where these offers are craved for; places like forums, social networks, blogs, RSS directories, review sites etc; where your prospects will see the offer and sign up for you to get paid. reducing advertising cost in the process for you.
  7. Pays You to Sell Nothing, Yet Get Some thing
  8. Yes what beats CPA Affiliate offers than the prospect of getting paid for selling nothing, but get some thing for doing nothing other than get leads for the merchant.
  9. Helps Get More Leads to your List for Future Marketing
  10. This is another cool benefit of being a CPA affiliate marketer; remember you will want to create your own products in future, so getting leads from CPA Affiliate campaigns into your own list is something you will do at all cost. To do this all you need is a good auto responder client like GetResponse, when promoting your offers, first of all get the prospect into your list and then re-direct them to the merchant's landing page for them to sign up for the offer you are promoting; this will prove very beneficial in the long run, as you have a list of interested subscribers you will market other offers to in the future,
  11. Can't Get You Rich, But Gets You Going
  12. Though you might not get rich promoting CPA Affiliate offers, but one good thing is that it gets you going even when other streams of income dry up.
  13. Pays You Per Referral
  14. This is one other beautiful thing about CPA Affiliate networks like PepperJamNetwork. that gets to pay per referral, giving you another option to make even more money. The funny thing is that some pays you up to $8 just to get another lead into their pay roll.
  15. Pays You on Multi-Tier Level
  16. Another wonderful feature of CPA Affiliate networks, you get to make money from your down-lines, so imagine getting some wonderful down-line who sells more offers than you, all you need do is sit back as he runs the campaign, get the leads, get the checks, while you take a slice of his earnings, he is happy, you are happy, the merchant is happy; what a trio!
  17. Viral Marketing Enhanced
  18. I have continued to stress the importance of viral marketing in all my blog posts and articles; just like using ebooks to promote your offers, website, blog, products etc, this is how it is with CPA programs. it creates a precedence for viral marketing, an opportunity any wise and savvy marketer will not let pass by.
  19. Acceptance is Strict, But Open to even Small Marketers
  20. Yes getting accepted into CPA Affiliate networks could be a daunting task for a publisher, as most of them require you to have a blog that is self hosted with a customized email address, and so on; I remember I was rejected by ShareAsale for not giving a valid email address, though I am still considering to re-apply for participation, as this is one of the best CPA Affiliate network on the whole of cyberspace

So what ever you do online, just give CPA Affiliate programs a shot, you'll be glad you did and don't forget to subscribe via RSS Feeds for new updates...


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