Monday, August 10, 2009

Can Forum Posting Increase CPA Affiliate Yields? See How...

Over the years of online marketing, forum posting have continued to generate loud ovation, giving rise to the question Are Forums still as effective as it used to be, especially for promoting(CPA) Affiliate products;I will tend to answer this question in this piece, as I take a look at how you can exploit the power of forums and message boards to create an unprecedented marketing initiative for those CPA affiliate products and services you are currently promoting.

  • Research, Register,Build Your Profile
  • : This is the first and major step, first Research on the various niche based forums; from dating forums, internet marketing forums, porn forums, gay and lesbian forums, juvenile forums, forex forums, stock forums,etc; for more you can visit Big-Boards.Com for a comprehensive lists of various forums, number of members, actitvity etc: Register with any of these high traffic niche based forums; build your profile, don't forget your resource box where you will add links of your blogs and sites for further info as regards you or your services; because your resource box is the most important aspect of your profile, make sure you take your time to fill it in.

  • Identify a Need and Start Making Your Contributions
  • : Look at other threads to really know what other forum members are discussing before you start making contributions, or you'll be regarded as a spammer if your comments or contributions are not in the context of the thread discussion; then from here you can Identify a need or problem that requires your attention or suggestion: make sure your contributions are real resourceful contributions not mediocre ones where you leave a link or email address for the person to contact you on personal basis, if you are in the habit of doing this please desist, soon other members will know you are here only to exploit them and will start ignoring your comments and threads; rather make contributions that will not only affect the person who started the thread, but for other people who for some reason cannot express themselves here, but wait for others to do just that for them; make other forum members to see you as some one dependable, if there start trusting you on issues, this is when you can start making referrals to other resources or may be your CPA affiliate offers.

  • Become The Forum's Solution Provider
  • : When you've earned your self this status as the forum's antitdote to solving problems or proffering solutions; then this is time to start selling your ideas through referrals, create free products that are valuable in ebook formats; recently I finished an ebook titled "BEGINNERS Guide TO BLOGGING SUCCESS" (to get it free of charge complete the form on the right hand side of this blog): and as an incentive I've been distributing it free of charge to members of one of the business forums I belong to, and so far this method has been converting more leads for me that I've been marketing my CPA affiliate offers to.So you can also do thesame; compile a free product on something you have knowledge of; particularly something which you noticed that all other forum members are seeking a solution to, give it away free (don't forget to collect their email ad)
    you can also create hyperlinked text of some of the CPA offers in your free ebook, out of curiosity most of them will want to click through, and who knows might decide to sign up for any of the offers, you'll never know...

  • Start Selling Your Offers
  • : This is the time to capitalize on the good will you have built for your self as a dependable member of this forum to market your CPA affiliate offers; remember you have carved a niche for your self and they will want to sign up for any thing you recommed as good; cos they belive that if it good for the goose(you) is good for the gander (them). Do this and keep those checks coming


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