Monday, August 10, 2009

The Foolish Marketer's Approach to Increasing CPA Affiliate Earnings:

This might sound so funny, but this is true: this approach have been used by many powerful internet marketers in the past and even now;From Terry Dean to Ewen Chiah to even Yanik Silver, and guess what? it worked for them, so if it worked for them, then it should also work for you, after all are these guys some wiseacre or what? Well join me as I discuss the foolsh marketer's Approach to Increasing CPA Affiliate Conversion.

  1. Hang Out on Forums, Social Networks and other Online Rendezvous To Sniff out For Problems, Desires and Wants
  2. : Hangiing out at your prospect's rendezvous most especially social networks like Twitter, and forums like Ask men Forum, Digital Point Forms,and places like 43Things.Com remains the best places to meet other people with unsatisfied desires and wants which you can satisfy or recommend the antidote; here you see people looking for solutions to problems like poor appetite, obesity, weak erection and low sex libido, alchohol and drug addiction, parental abuse, rape, debt, poor public relation, low self esteem; the list is endless. All you need to do is get closer to them, ask them questions, suggest solutions, be dependable, and know if they are ready to be guided to the solution to these desires and problems, if so move on to the next level, remember you are a foolish marketer who will give some thing of value for free.

  3. Create A Questioner Form and Mail it to them: Creating a questioner form is very necessary, because you really want to know specifically where the shoe pinches them; creating a questioner is easy these days, there are so many places where you can get this service for free, and my favorite pick is SurveyMonkey.Com, here all you need is to sign up for a basic account, then you will be given the convienience of creating a questioner form; in this form you can ask them some personal questions, and from their answers you will know how to go about preparing the solution, which takes us to the next step of the foolish marketers approach, wonder why you need to be foollsh?

  4. Research the Solution, Compile it in Ebook, Audio or Video Format and Give it away Free: Now you have gotten the response from your propective lead after answering the questioner you mailed him, now is the time to put them togetther as an information product; it could be in form of ebook, audio or video depending on what you feel could be preferable and also cheap and easy to produce; these days creating e-products are relatively easy, for ebooks PDF reports is the best, Free PDF Convert's free service can help you get started, and becomes your destination for video related products. Then send the information to him free, remember it has to be some thing of value, then wait...move to the next foolish step, lets see who is foolish.

  5. Bait Him, Get Him to eat From Your Palm
  6. : Do you know when we use freebies like free autoresponder, frre anti-virus, free domain and hosting, free mail service, free, free and free; the producers of this innovations are just baiting us with these free services that when we get hooked on their stuff, we won't have any other option but to upgrade to premium service that promises more features; this is the same thing when we create free powerful and resourcful information to give away free, the receipient of this free e-product becomes dependable on you, believing every thing you say or claim, then this is the time to end your foolsh marketer's spell, because he is now a useful lead that you can exploit in future with more offers, and CPA affiliate offers in this case and he will depend on you for the rest of his online life; as the more offers you mail him, the more he signs up and the more check hitting your mail box


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