Monday, August 10, 2009

Creating A Successful Email Marketing Technique to Increase Cpa Affiliate Yields:

Email Marketing will continue to generate leads and make conversion especially if you are a perfromance based online marketer like me. this is what I will be looking into; the steps to creating a sucessful Email marketing technique for those CPA affiliate offers of yours.

  1. Sign For an Auto responder and List server Client
  2. : This is the first major step if you really want to get serious with this; however if you are just starting out, paying for premium autoresponder service might be a little too much for you; I will suggest you start with free auto responder services, the only snag here is that most of them will include an ad at the top of your messages, but apart from this there are still very cool; I will list some of the free auto responder services that you can start with;
    • GetResonse.Com
    • : The best free offer you can get with an option of upgrading to premium service in the future.

    • SendFree.Com
    • : Another cool service that you can try out for free, with an option of upgrade.
    • Responders.Com
    • : not too cool; but still worth trying.
    • FreeAutoBot.Com
    • : No ads on messages, absolutely free but you need to take part in their banner exchange programme, and importing list feature disabled. Apart from all this their service is worth giving a try

    If you need a free list manager, you can also try Bravenet's free list manager that will service you with a list manager for at least 500 leads, which I think is not a bad idea.

  3. Create a Free Product or Service for Your Prospects
  4. : The word "free" will continue to be potent and be effective in online marketing; so creating a free stuff like free ebook, newsletter, ezine ad space, free webinars, audio and video tutorials on a how-to-do topic etc will help trigger leads when marketing via email, creating ebooks, podcasts, webinars are relatively easy these days; free online resources like YouTube.Com can help you create free video tutorials with a unique URL for making referrals of your video to your prospects.

  5. Create an Opt-in Form To capture the email address of your Prospect
  6. : Most if not all of these free auto responder clients provide you with the ease of creating opt in forms you can place on your free stuffs to capture the email of your prospective lead; in some cases all you need do is ask your prospect to send a blank email to which will trigger off the messages you have pre-programmed to the lead you are targeting.

  7. Create Your First Message; and Subsequent Messages
  8. : According to top marketing gurus, it takes up to 5 constant email to tie a sale (or a lead in this case); so your first email should be a kind of congratulatory, the second one timely, third soliciting, the fourth email convincing, then the fifth should have a note of urgency or call to action or lose out; but make sure the theme of each message reflects the overall gains and benefit of the stuff you are promoting. Because it has been researched and discovered that 81% of sales (leads now) are closed on a fifth contact. So keep the emails coming, but remember don't spam, cause you'll have your emails hitting the trash can as soon as they hit your prospects mail box.

  9. Start mailing and Selling Your Offers
  10. : Once you have new offers, do not hesitate to mail them to your leads, cos it has been discovered that about 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your leads, so mail them offers, highlighting the benefits of using this new product or service; since he trusts your judgement on issues as such, he wouldn't waste any further time to sign up for the new offer, remember you ban beat this offer because it is a CPA or pay per lead affiliate offer, and what more it is free


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