Monday, August 10, 2009

Copy Writing Skills That Will Enhance Your CPA Affiliate Career:

It is no longer news that most copy writers earn up to six-figure income writing powerful copies for their various clients; this is what makes Copy Writing an indispensable skill that is very necessary to enhance or take your CPA affiliate career to greater heights; below are some very important tips to improve on your copy writing skills if you really want to hit it big as a CPA affiliate as this is what I know best;

  1. Create Catchy, Concise and Powerful Headlines
  2. : I have said in many write up on the importance of creating sizzling headlines that sells Your CPA Offers like Hot Cake; in creating a powerful headline tha will sell any of your CPA offers you have to consider a whole lot of things; what I call the "4 A-I-D-A", namely;
    • : You really need to get your prospective lead's attention, then...
    • :Get his interest to see what you've got, then...
    • DESIRE
    • : Make him day dream and want to see what it will look like living the dream, then stir him to...
    • ACTION
    • : This is the final step, make him take action after all why all the teasers if you cannot call your lead to act and take up a rare offer. To see powerful headlines in action visit Click Bank Market Place, to read power sales letter headlines, other places you can visit to see powerful headline lines include Craigs List and other classified ads sites.
  3. Write as You Speak
  4. : You do not need a degree or phd in English for you to be a powerful copy writer in the mode of Yanik Silver, all you need is to be your self, remember most of the people you are writing for hoping that they'll sign up as your lead for the CPA offer you have on board are people who can't even boast of a high school diploma; so make sure you don't use jaw breaking words that will make them scamper off or head to the dictionary. This is why it is necessary for you to use clear and simple language, that is easy to understand by your target audience to make them know that after all you are not a robot but a person who has a good offer on the table for them to look at and consider. Visit top article directories like EzineArticles.Com, ArticleBase.Com to see high traffic articles written in clear and simple language.
  5. Write For One Person in Particular, not For the Crowd
  6. : Recently I saw an advert on cable TV by one of the top Nigerian Banks that prides itself as the one customer bank, I got really thrilled trying to digest the concept of such ingenious ad; having said that, it is very important you write just for a person using first person singular; words like you, I, me, could come in handy: by writing for a person, it makes the person reading you write up feel special, making it look like you had his peculiar situation in mind, this makes him feel more secure and make him want to sign up for your CPA offer without hesitating.
  7. Use Powerful Call to Action Phrases
  8. : Words like Discover, how to, top secrets, Even if, one in a life time,Act now, 10 ways, 20 ways, 5 secrets and so on; are words that stir a prospect to action making him into one of your coveted CPA lead.The human mind or psychology is an inquisitive one, so when you stylishly use these phrases, the target persons out of curiosity will want to see if what you've got can add more value to their lives and some how improve the way they do things; making them want to sign up for your CPA offer.This explains to you how this phrases that has been used over the years are worth their weight in gold, think about it...


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