Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Steps to Becoming a Super CPA Affiliate Marketer

This is rather very funny one would say, cos I my self is yet to become this (a super affiliate), though I am aspiring to; based on this assertion I decided to look at possible ways or tips that could help in 10 Steps to becoming one of the most respected and Super Affiliate Marketer online ever.

Join me below as I unleash 10 steps to becoming a super (CPA) affiliate marketer:

  1. Be A Goal Setter
  2. : I know you are conversant with the phrase "Being a Goal Getter" and not this "Being a Goal Setter"; when I was starting out newly on this plane (performace based marketing), I missed out on so many opportunities based on the fact that I really never set goals; imagine when so many bloggers and affiliate marketers where busy making money from WidgetBucks Affiliate Program, since I never did set blogging income goals I never considered joining the rest, from what I heard so many people including newbies made good money from this new program, so set goals for your self, What do you want to accomplish as an Affiliate? how do you intend going about it? what is the time frame for achieving your set goals? what are the things that needs to be done to achieve these goals? Just keep asking your self questions that will help you meet your set goals.
  3. Be A List Maker
  4. : Having a to-do list will help you get things in good shape, list out the things you need to do like writing reviews, advertising your offers, networking and so on, this will help you a lot.
  5. Be Enthusiastic
  6. : Without enthusiasm how do you intend converting propects to leads?, how will you make more conversion?, how will you convince others? and how will you survive the rough terrain of affiliate marketing?. Enthusiasm is the high-octane "fuel" that salespeople run on, get excited with what you are doing, what you are promoting and what you will get from your leads: being enthusiastic will help you over come dissapointments when things don't seem to go your way, so get on the train and get enthusiastic, you really need it if we believe we can make it as super affiliates.
  7. Recognize That The Magic Word in Sales is "ASK"
  8. : Ask for appointments, then you can do business. Ask for business, then you will close sales. Ask for referrals, then you always have a full list of potential clients; Recently I was feeling shy asking one of my social friends to see one of the CPA Affiliate offers I was currently promoting, I think it was on the platform of Max Bounty, but on a second though I decided to "ask", and was so surprised that he became interested and willing to see the offer; so you need to be bold and ask, if you are really serious about making a conversion, and getting more of those affiliate checks visiting your mail box.
  9. Expect NO'S
  10. : Do you know that every "No" gets you closer to a "Yes" ,and ultimately to closing up a sale, Are you getting ten no's to one yes? Is your ratio five to one? Remember, the yes's are your income. Also remember that "no" does not necessarily mean "no." Often a "no" is simply a stall for more time to think. It may be a request for more information about the CPA Affiliate product or your service you are offering, so make sure you furnish your propect with all the benefits of what you are referring,make him trust your judgement.
  11. Schedule Time Wisely
  12. : Time they say is the soul of business; and in this business one thing you should be careful not to lose is useful time, and not even money. Don't let your business time clash with your personal schedules, time you will use to write promotional reviews, articles, ebooks, advertising proposals, blog post: then time for reading and replying emails, editing your blog and so on just waste on un profitable ventures, so schedule your time wisely, put your biz on auto-responder, cos when you automate thing you do not need to be there always to reply mails or requests; so you need an autoresponder, and there are so many autoresponder services out there, but my 2 picks are GetResponse and Aweber, this will give you more time do other leisurely things you love doing.
  13. Be Positive In Your Attitude
  14. : Is not always you expect to make a conversion or convince a lead. so when things dont seem to go the way you've originally planned, don't get down cast, Success in sales, as in all areas of life is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent aptitude, 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration; you really need to get down to this terms in order to keep your nerves calm and built for the kill.
  15. Have An Office Area
  16. : Though you dont really need to start making inventories for office convieniences, however try and create a kind of work area, maybe around your home: this will help you avoid distraction and other unnecessary hindrances that could cost you your next CPA Affiliate check.
  17. Be Involved
  18. : For you to really make the kill as a prey, you need to get closer, by getting closer to your business makes you get more and more involved, don't leave your biz in the hands of others and technology; be involved.
  19. Learn To Handle Money Intelligently
  20. : It is absolutely necessary to become an efficient money manager or you stand to go broke every now and then; invest your money into stuffs that will help you get more CPA Affiliate checks, avoid ventures that might get your fingers burnt, do things right even for this once in your life. Cos he who goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing


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