Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Double CPA Affiliate Via Get-Paid-to-Answer-Questions Sites: A List of Top Get-Paid-to-Answer-Questions Sites

People get paid to do many varying things online these days including anwering questions; these questions come in different dimensions and degree; from simple day to day questions, to high tech questions. Today I'll be discussing how you can as a CPA Affiliate, leverage on these sites to pick up some very careless dollars and at thesame time get those hot CPA Affiliate offers off the show glass, at thesame time I'll also list some top get-paid-to-answer-question sites for your delight.

  • Sign Up and Start Contributing
  • : As it is always, sign up it is free, look at the categories and the areas you can be of help especially areas where you can recommend some of your tasteful CPA Affiliate offers.

  • Answer Questions you are Quite Comfortable with, Giving Useful and not Mediocre Answers
  • : Remeber you are getting paid for your services and at the same time looking for quick openings to the CPA Affiliate offers you are currently selling; so make sure your answers are accurate, resourceful and helpful

After the two steps above and more, I'll love to list some top Get-paid-to-answer-Question sites;

  1. ExpertBee.Com
  2. : Here you get chosen to answer question by the person who asked the question, you get paid from $1 to $100 depending on the level of difficulty of the question.

  4. : Another one of the many Get-paid-to-answer-Question sites, though not as sophisticated as the first, but still cool, just go check it out yourself.

  6. : a site where high tech questions are asked, and requires high tech answers, so you must be something of a high tech buddy to thrive here.

  8. : At Chacha, you are expected to act like a human Google or search engine, you get to answer question sent to either your PC or phone,another great way to amke some nice dough.

  10. : Here they offer software for your computer that allows you to receive requests when you are asked a question by a customer.The funny thing here on this site is that you are expected to be online at all times to recieve requests from customers or miss out of cool opportunities to answer cool questions.

  12. : This site I think is relatively new, a place where you get to see weird questions asked, and silly answers are required for you to get your pay out, trust me this is another funny way to pick up some very careless dollars online, and if you are saavy enough you can use these platforms to further enhance your CPA Affiliate campaigns.

  14. : A revenue sharing question and answers site about IT where you can earn money by answering other peoples questions and also take part in the adsense revenue sharing formula of this site


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