Friday, August 14, 2009

Ezine Marketing: A Detailed Guide To Marketing CPA affiliate Products Via The Power of Ezines:

Ezine marketing will continue to dominate the scenes especially in perfomance based marketing circles; having said that, I will below highlight how ezine marketing can be used effectively for marketing top CPA affiliate offers.

  1. Find A Topic You Know a Thing or Two about With a Not too Large, but a Decent Number of Audience
  2. : These days you get to see ezines on just about any topic, from dating, sex, relationship, internet marketing, porn, schooling, gays, lesbians just about any thing; however this is not to say that you can get to publish any thing and believe that subscribers will be pouring over them selves to sign up for your ezine no, you have to make adequate research to find out hot trends on the internet that requires attention, places like affiliate directories and online shopping malls like Amazon.Com, Ciao.Com Forums, social networks, blogs, content sites, freelance sites etc are places to sniff out what is really hot on cyber space and what is not, one resource I find really cool in investigating hot trends, topics, location where these topics are most hot and top sites discussing these hot stuffs is Google Hot Trends, other cool resources include Yahoo Buzz!, then Alexa.Com For sites ranking and may be

    For a more comprehensive list of ezines; publication dates, number or size of subscribers, location ,niche and category of publication just hit DirectoryOfEzines.Com.

  3. Advertise and Market Your Ezine Like any CPA Affiliate Offer
  4. : With out making your ezine public, no body will get to hear about it, or more so sign up for your so called ezine; this is why running effective advertising campaigns using effective platforms is very necessary if you really need to make more CPA affiliate conversions via the power of ezines; below are some list of effective platforms where you can advertise for result;

    • Large Ezines with Related Themes
    • : Do a research on top ezine with a large audience and related to the theme of your ezine; the ezine directory DirectoryOfEzines.Com is a good place to make this research, here you can apart from knowing the exact number of subscribers,also get the advert rates for grouped mailings, solo mailings and more, just look at the rate that suits your budget, contact the publisher and follow the direction on how to advertise on his ezine.

    • Run Pay Per Click Adverts
    • : Though Pay per Click campaigns can hurt your finance if not properly done, but if organized properly, it sure converts; top PPC networks include

    • Write And Submit Articles To Article Directories and Ezine Publishers
    • : This could prove to be profitable in the long run; writing and submitting articles will continue to be effective as long as the internet stays with us (which is a very long time), on the other hand so many ezine publishers from time to time get faced with writer's block and would not see a free publication from another ezine publisher as a bad idea. in as much as he acknowleges you as the publisher with a link back to your site.

      For a comprehensive list on ezines you can visit DirectoryofEzines.Com

      You can also see Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Editor-in-Chief Web Marketing Today's Artcle titled Top 25 Article Directories and Free Content Sites Ranked by Alexa and PageRank For a comprehensive list of top article directories, google page rank and Alexa rank.

    • Start a Referral Program
    • : A referral program is like an affiliate program; this is more like word-of-mouth advertising. Reward your subscribers by telling them to make referrals and get some thing free as a discount on an e-product, free e-course on an interesting topic, free hosting and domain, free auto responders, free tutoring and guidance or just any thing you know you can offer free: with a referral program all you need is sit down and watch as the leads pour in, giving you more potent leads to sell those CPA Affiliate offers.

    • Forums and Message Boards
    • : Another free advertorial board or platform where you can effectively market your ezine; all you need do is look for forums related to the theme of publication of your ezine, register and start making useful and resourceful contributions. For more on forums you can visit Big-Boards.Com

  5. Create Freebies and Back-ends For Your Subscribers as a Reward For Signing Up
  6. : The word "free" happens to be the most effective and expensive word in marketing, and telling your prospect that for just signing up for you ezine they get some thing free like a powerful e-book or e-product tutorial on something, and after signing up you create other back ends like a free webinar, discount on a premium service you are offering and more, this would boost the morale or ego of your subscribers and it will make them stay put and even make more referrals for your ezine, hereby increasing the number of subscribers.

  7. Its Time you Sell Those Coveted Offers To these Leads
  8. : What time could be better than now for selling those CPA Affiliate offers if not now, after all why did you take all these pains to start and advertise your ezine if not for this moment, so begin selling those hot offers that are related to the theme of your ezine and also your subscribers will see as beneficial to them, don't sell offers that are not related to the theme of your ezine or you stand to lose your subscribers; which you would'nt afford to


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