Friday, August 14, 2009

Give your CPA Affiliate offers more Exposure via Article Writing and Submission: Top Articles Drectories Where You can Submit Your Articles

Article writing and submission will remain one of the best and most

potent ways to give exposure to your blog, web sites and Affiliate

offers; this is so for the following reasons;

  1. It Gives You a Guru

  2. : Every one want to associate with the gurus and

    not the green horns, when you write and submit articles to top article

    directories, with a powerful Author's Resource Box with a link to your

    blog or site, those who come across your article, if it is well written

    will see you as an authority and will love to click through to your

    site to get more information.

  3. More Links from Your Resource Box

    Increases Google PR for your Blog or Site
  4. : When you

    have more than one sources (high traffic sources) pointing to your site

    or blog, help increase google page rank (PR) for your site or blog, by

    submitting articles, the links in your resource box from high article

    directories will do just that.

  5. Your Articles Brings You Traffic as Long

    as it Remains In the Artcle Directory's Data Base
  6. :

    Articles I wrote a couple of months back are still generating traffic

    to one of my blogs, this is so because google indexes these

    directories, and if a search query is conducted on Google or any top

    search engine with the releveant keyword contained in the article, your

    article comes up, and as it comes up, so does the link to your


With the above reason and more I'll be presenting to you
color="blue"> Top Article Directories where you can Submit your

articles especially to get more exposure to your CPA Affiliate


  1. href=""target=_"blank">EzineArticles.Com
  2. : This is the leading authority when it comes to

    article directories, the guys here are doing a good job by

    painstakingly editing article before it is approved for readership, to

    me there is no other top article directory that even come close to this

    one, they are simply in a class of their own.

  3. href=""target=_"blank">

    : Another one of my favorite article directories for

    submitting articles, there also edit articles before the articles gets

    published, there also run a partnership program. though you really need

    to have a high traffic site before you can take part, in the

    patrnership program you can share in the Google Adsense earnings of

    this site.

  4. href=""target=_"blank">Isnare.Com
  5. : You can operate either a basic account or a premium account; with

    a premium account you get to place more than one links in your resource

    box, you are also allowed to use Html or hyper links in your resource

    box, with a premium account you get to pay about $2 per article

    submitted, to me this is really worth the trouble.

  6. href=""target=_"blank">ArticleDashBoard.

  7. : There goes another article directory with a

    High Google and Alexa Page Rank

For a comprehensive list of top article directories, google page

rank and Alexa rank, you can see Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Web Marketing Today's Artcle titled

arget=_"blank">Top 25 Article Directories and Free Content Sites Ranked

by Alexa and PageRank


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