Monday, August 10, 2009

6 Steps to Making your Blogger Blog SEO Friendly for Increased CPA Affiliate Conversion

6 Steps to Making your Blogger Blog SEO Friendly for Increased CPA Affiliate Conversion

For you to really make it as top performanced based online marketer with your blog in your chosen niche; you really need to understand the SEO game; this is not to say you must be like Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.Com or any other top SEO guru; well that wont be all that necessary: however you need to understand or have a knowledge of how top search engines work; implement these ideas to make your blogger blog SEO friendly; remember the more SEO Friendly your blog is, the greater chance for marketing more CPA affiliate offers.

Below are some very salient tips and resources to make your free blogger blog SEO friendly for increased CPA affiliate conversion and checks.

  1. Choose Keyword Rich Domain
  2. : This is the first and major step when building a blogger blog; for example I blog on Cost Per Action Affiliate issues and stuff, this is why I choosed the domain, if you look properly at this domain, you'll observe that the "reviews" was spelled "reveiws" instead of the former; in domain marketing parlance this is called typhos, I observed that most people where fond of mis-spelling this word, so I decided to use this to my own very advantage; another thing with domains is that when search engines index a site, your domain is indexed first before the content, and having your keyword on your domain is a good SEO move, unfortunately for most blogger domain a blogspot is included, this is not to say you cannot publish on your own custom domain as is the case with this blog; you can, and more so you can use CO.CC's free domain redirection Service which is free for one year, with this service you get a free Domain Name Server (DNS), free domain and more, you can check out their service once more by following this Link.

  3. Use Keyword Rich Titles
  4. : The title to your article can really define how the search engines find your content; this is why you really need to use keyword rich titles if you really care to make your blogger blog SEO friendly; when choosing the title for your content, first research top content sites like HubPages.Com to look at the top contents generating more page views and search engines ranking; look at the titles that are related to the kind of content you want to write on; look at the keyword usage on this titles, modify them and implement it for your own title (don't copy).

  5. Know Keyword Density To Avoid Keyword Spamming
  6. : You need to know the keyword density or ratio; don't over use your keyword all over your content, as this is called spamming and could hurt your effort of building an SEO friendly blogger blog, in such a case,search engines won't even consider your blog a real blog, but a spam blog with spam contents and will pass it over. So use your keywords sparingly; there are so many free keyword density tools to help you with knowing the appropriate keyword density.

  7. Use Tags and Excerpts, Not more Than 2 Blog Posts Per page
  8. : Tags or labels (as with blogger) will help your keywords to be easily located by search bots, if your keywords are tagged or labelled, it becomes relatively easy for your content to be picked up and indexed real fast; on the other hand using excerpts could also be another wise SEO move,as it is not advisable for all your contents to be displayed headlong in your blog's home page, this is not very good, rather let your most current blog post and a previous blog post with excerpts of the older post be displayed. this will keep your blog clean and spam free and above all SEO friendly.

  9. Use Hyperlinks and Traded Links from High Traffic Sites and Articles
  10. : Recently I was trying to download the google pack free tools to my PC, and I was looking for the complete set of tools, so I Googled "free Google Tools" and from one of the search results, I noticed a blog post making a reference to CollegeAtHome.Com's 57 Useful Google Tools For Scholars, Students, and Hobbyists; if you must know, this is a high traffic blog post,and this other guy made a reference to this blog post , and in so doing got his site indexed in the SERP for this search term, a wise SEO move which I will recommend if you are really serious in making your blogger blog SEO friendly. Then remember to hyperlink important words or text pointing to some of your CPA offers if necessary(be careful when doing this, cos search engines hate affiliate links) or most importantly to some of your high traffic blog post or articles, this will help keep those posts fresh and constantly indexed for a very long time.

  11. Finally, Don't Forget Keyword Research and Suggestion Tools, Plus other SEO Tools
  12. : Keyword Suggestion tools like the following;

    Other SEO tools like Search Engine Ranking tools, Domain tools Google Ranking tools, Page Rank Tools, web Site Optimization tools etc, can also come in handy; for a comprehensive list you can see SEO.CA's 136 SEO Tools for a free rundown on latests SEO tools both free and paid and more.

    I will be discussing more SEO tips in my subsequent posts, feel free to add your own SEO tips cos making this blogger blog SEO friendly happens to be my obsession



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