Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Ways to Promote Your CPA Offers Free of Charge [PART TWO]:

Sequel to my first post on this topic,10 Ways to Promote Your CPA Offers Free of Charge [PART ONE]; I hereby list five other ways to promote CPA offers free of charge:

  1. Starting a profitable ezine
  2. : most people find it relatively difficult to build leads (even me!) and the secret of every successful online marketer is building a list of subscribers or what we call leads in internet marketing parlance; and to build a profitable list will involve doing the following;
    • Get an autoresponder: either free or paid; you can get a free one right away through GET RESPONSE orFREE AUTOBOT
    • Configure it to work for your site or email
    • Start your newsletter with a subscription option
    • Give out freebies and free downloadables for viral marketing purposes
    And watch as the leads pour in like hell; then use this to promote your CPA offers; I bet you nothing converts and brings in leads and check like this method, as a matter of fact this is the most conventional and successful method all top CPA affiliates use, so don't ignore ezines, use it!
  3. Write Ebooks and Give Them Away for Free
  4. ; Ebooks are viral marketing tools that can keep bringing sales and conversions for a very long time; so write a free ebook, upload it to your website and ebook directories; some top directories and places where you can list your ebook for free include; Then sit back and watch the virus spreading like mad! if one person gives out ten people; the ten give out another ten people and so on...Your material continues spreading and the checks keeps hitting your box! all day, every day for the 365 days and counting!!!
  5. Posting on Classified Ad Sites/Boards
  6. : Classified ad sites will continue to be as prominent and effective as it where during the web1.0 days especially if the ads are run profitably; though mst of the classified ads sites are less effective or not effective at all; there are still some that can be effective to run successful CPA affiliate campaigns like;
  7. Answer Questions on Yahoo! Answers and Related Sites
  8. : Using response triggers like "how do I" "where can I" "what is" etc when conducting a search query; you find out that most of the time the search results are all questions from yahoo answers; knowing this will help you utilize this free resource by answering questions related to the CPA offer you are promoting, with a link back to your site. Now you can even go a step further by using other question and answer sites and even get paid for anwering questions; Below are some get-paid-to-answer-questions sites:
  9. Instant Messaging Service
  10. :This is still effective if you know how; instant messaging service requires you to caht and recieve instant messages on your computer screen from another user who is also logged in and using the service.There are so many instant messaging services online, but the most popular are yahoo, MSN and Aim, others like Google talk have recently joined the train and their service is not bad at all; However, you can use all this services on one account and user interface by visiting PERFSOFT.COM At perfsoft you simply integrate your account into one, meet old freinds and classmates, and ultimately promote one of the best CPA offers online by referring other users, who get to register under you, and when they do you get a CPA commission


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