Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Easy Ways to Compile a Promotional CPA Affiliate Ebook in Five Minutes

It is no longer news that you can use ebooks to create viral marketing for those hot CPA Affiliate offers in the offing, but the thing is not even getting the ebooks to the shelves, but the real deal is generating good ideas for writing and compiling the ebook proper.

Therefore I present you with ten potent ways you can create a hot selling or high demand promotional CPA Affiliate ebook that will help you in selling more offers, and cutting advertorial expenses: in a matter of minutes.

  1. Old Blog Posts
  2. : I've been thinking of compiling all my previous blog posts into a PDF formatted ebook I can give away free to subscribers to this blog and may be my Writing Blog, this is a very easy way to save your self the time and energy of creating an ebook from start to finish.
  3. Archived Articles Submitted to Article Directories
  4. : Remember when you write articles for submission to article directories you have the rights to this article for life, so why not go fetch these old articles, arrange them in chronological order (by date), then compile and format these articles into a single PDF formatted Info product that you can upload to ebook directories like Scribd.Com, ZdNet.Com etc for easy download not just for your subscribers, but for those seeking information in the area you covered in the ebook.
  5. Conduct Interviews and Surveys
  6. : You can look at surveys conducted on a particular subject by you or may be some body else (of course you need permission from the rights owner), or conduct an interview of some body known or even unknown on the particular niche you are covering, then combine the info into ebook for quick download.
  7. Old College Term Papers and Assignments
  8. : If you are in college or out,you will know what I'm talking about; remember you get saddled with term papers and assignments, and most of these assignments where compiled and stored in the hard drives of your computer, do you know that the information as contained in this old paper could be useful to another person? and even some people are willing to part with some coins to get access to this info; I was surprised when I discovered this on one of my favorite site for information Scribd.Com,. here if you register free, you can take part in their publishers program, where you get to submit works either in Word or PDF format, and then set a fee for your work, and if some body downloads your work, Scribd takes a commission and sends you the rest either by paypal or check.
  9. Old News Letters From Ezine Publication
  10. : Now if you have your ezine or not, you can compile old news letters from any of the ezines you are subscribed or own, remember you will give credit to the original publisher by leaving any link back to their sites; select those newsletters that really interests you, arrange them for formatting into PDF enabled ebooks.
  11. Interesting and Controversial Forum Threads
  12. : Forums remain one of the favorite hang out of many netizens including me, now you can take a step further to compile one of the most interesting forum threads that generated the most comments, compile them into ebooks and mail to other forum members; I observed that people love downloading things to their computer's hard drive to read them in their spare time,so this kind of people will love to download this info instead of logging into the forums to see the thread themselves; of course make sure that these are threads where you where most active, with links and recomendations for those CPA Affiliate offers you are selling.
  13. Private Label Rights and Master Re-sell RightsMaterials
  14. : PLR materials like articles and ebooks are great sources for re-creating info products, there are so many places you can get either free or paid plr materials, one free source I use my self is Ebiz-Resource.Com, here you can download MRR and PLR articles, ebooks, audios and I think video all for free.
  15. Old and Used Sales Letters
  16. : This could prove productive in the long run, because people still learning copy writing will find this very interesting. To do this all you need is collect old sales letters of e-products you bought or downloaded for free in the past, if possible contact the original creators, who I think will even applaud your effort for re-cycling their works, then compile all into a single ebook, you can even stylishly slot in the sales copy for any of the CPA Affilaite products you are selling, free advert you will say.
  17. Written Reviews For Products and Services
  18. : Another nice way you can create a promotional Ebook in a matter of minutes, these days Review sites are gradually becoming hang out for so many; people love reading experiences of others about a certain product and service before patronizing or buying the service or product; now wonder what it will look like when you now decide to pick out those reviews that generated high page views and comments, contact the reviews writer for permission, then turn it into an ebook ready for download, well your guess is as good as mine...
  19. Miscellaneous Sources
  20. : There are so many other ways even off line like from old news papers, magazines, flyers etc that is one way related to the CPA Affiliate stuffs you are selling, so look at these infos, arrange them then create your info product plain and simple

These are my 10 Easy Ways to Compile a Promotional CPA Affiliate Ebook in Five Minutes, what is yours?...


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