Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 Important Questions to Answer when Running a Successful CPA Affiliate Campaign

7 Important Questions to Answer when Running a Successful CPA Affiliate

For you to run a successful CPA Affiliate campaign, to make more conversion, and to get more sweet checks hitting your mail box every now and then: then you must "ANSWER THE FOLLOWING BASIC QUESTIONS

  1. What services or products will I sell?
  2. This is the first and if not the most important question you have to answer, you can't dabble into selling or promoting every allegedly "high conversion" CPA Affiliate product, this will look very non-professional and childish. So you have to know what services or products best fit the theme of your blog or site.

  3. What niche will my business fill?
  4. This is one important question you must answer,if you want to be as successful as the few. then you must consider this question. This is so because you wouldn't want to be involved in a niche people don't find very interesting, and then you would not even get closer to an over crowded market space, where the gurus and top notches have virtually coveted to their fiefdom,making you look like a needle in a hay sack.

  5. Is my idea practical, and will it fill a need?
  6. Yes it might not be your product, but you really need to know if it will be a great idea promoting this CPA Affiliate offer on your blog, considering the kind of traffic and then readers who visit your blog, in event of looking for a solution (your readers) for their pains, needs and then dreams, will the CPA Affiliate product you are recommending, fill their needs?.

  7. Will Your Idea of a Product fill their Need?
  8. If you network on social networking sites like LinkedIn where professionals and the very best converge, you'll understand what I mean, because here you can't just start recommending stuffs that others would find annoying, is like talking about hard ware computer issues in the group you belong, and you find a sleek phone or accessory to promote from one of the CPA Affiliate networks you belong, and you scream eureka! and start promoting this sleek phone to other members; they will look at you like a scammer or spammer, and some one not to be considered serious, so look at the audience you are currently in,and know what kind of needs they have, and how to satisfy those needs.

  9. Who are my competitors?
  10. If you don't know what kind of deal you are in, then you are not ready for the real deal; this is why it is so important to know who your competitors are; it will help you know the kind of advertising campaign they run, where they advertise, the keywords they use, the kind of product they promote often and more. Knowing who your competitors will make you understand the game, the pace and the changes going on around you.

  11. Can I deliver a better Quality Service?
  12. Though this is not your product yes, but the way you present your offer, will mean that more people will like to buy from you, to deliver a better offer, you need to inform your prospects that if they buy from you, they will get a free monthly subscription of your ezine, get a free and resourceful ebook, and so on, this will make them believe that signing up from you will prove a better deal for them, and wouldn't hesitate to.

  13. Can I create a demand for my CPA Affiliate Offers?
  14. Yes you can do this is you know the kind of terrain you are currently transversing, people think alike, this is so because they are so many people with various kinds of problems,but for some reason they can't voice it out, if you are a frequent visitor to forums and message boards like 43Things.Com. you must have noticed that apart from the person who listed his problems, goals and aspirations, there are others who have the same pains and may be dreams, so create a demand for those offers you are promoting, by making those who are not so sure of what they need to solve their problems see what you are recommending as the antidote to their problems
. Make those checks coming and c u @ d very TOP!!!


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