Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Five Must-Have Recipes For Achieving Business/CPA Affiliate Success

It is customary on this blog that my primary focus is talking about performance based marketing stuffs in the form of Cost Per Action Affiliate Marketing tips and resources; however what I'm about to discuss now deals not only with CPA Affiliate stuffs and all of that, but also with every business model both online and off-line; what I call "The Recipe For Achieving Business Success".

So join me below as I list five personal traits any budding entrepreneur must imbibe to achieve the level of success he or she has always craved for; I myself still find these traits alien, but so far I am coping, I think you too can cope.

  1. Recipe NO 1="Vision"
  2. Vision is the ability to imagine a better future, see light at the end of a dark tunnel, setting goals and working steadily towards achieving them; when I started my online biz and blogging respectively; I have this vision and the passion of making my blog to get at least 100 monthly page views for a start, then taking it to 1000 page views and even higher, and so far I'm getting there, though it has not been easy but I keep trudging on because vision will enable you to see what others cannot see, and doing what others can not do to get to a place where only people of vision can get to (success).

  3. Recipe NO 2="Drive"
  4. Hunger and earnest desire for success can be likened to "drive", Drive will make you go all out for change, it then gives you the power to overcome obstacles, slough of rejection, disappointment; many times I get disappointed when I run a CPA Affiliate campaign I feel will bring in the most conversion, and lo! it does not happen the way I envisaged, this is what happened when I was running Acai Noni - The hottest new diet of 2009!
    pay per lead offer on Max Bounty, I was looking at the prospect of getting is it $32 dollars for referring some body who gets to try this wonderful diet free, in case you have not heard of it, this is a special diet from Brazil, that will help you lose weight, and look like Beyonce or some Hollywood super star; when I started running campaign to promote this offer on forums, my Health and Fitness Blog, and other places, I thought it was really going to be cool, but unfortunately it did not turn in as expected, I felt really disappointed, but because I had the drive to succeed, I moved on to other lead programs, and so far I thank God, or will you (that is if you are fat or obese!) help me sign up for this Offer! and give me the $32 I deserve, wont you? or what do you think?...

  5. Recipe NO 3="Persistence"
  6. For you to succeed online and be in the list of the successful one percent, then you need persistence, because if you lack it, then you won't have any choice but to be among the 99 percent quitters. Persistence is your ability to continue steadily on your set goals. This makes you keep going even though it may be slow and steady or fast and on track, you keep going, never looking back, when I started my first experiment with blogging, I started a blog on just about any thing I thought was worth writing, not knowing what niche marketing was, on one single blog I wrote about my pets, how to make more cash, about my city, my passions, my relationships ; just think about it I will write, it was really funny and weird you'll say, but I persisted, continuously learnt from those who know, bought articles and ebooks that will help me; and today I am better than what I was a couple of years back, and I think at the rate I am going, I will just keep getting better than I am now. This is just because I was persistent to achieve my set goals as a blogger.

  7. Recipe NO 4="Positive Attitude"
  8. This is what distinguishes great minds of the ages like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln etc from the crowd. Having a Positive and Mental Attitude is the ability to believe in what you’re doing and is sure that it will surely come out good; This makes you say success when others are crying failure. It pushes you forward and makes you achieve what you say you will achieve; as a CPA Affiliate marketer if you fail to convert a lead; you won't scream blue murder and feel bad about it, blaming some body or some non-performing web 2.0 technology for your woes, but try next time; after all there's always a next time or don't you know?...

  9. Recipe NO 5="Action"
  10. Action is that force or INERTIA Newton talked about, it is your ability of being persuaded by what you belief and say and as a result, take "action"; Move on to make contacts, meet with people, engage in discussions and go about to make your vision come true. Not minding the criticism, castigation and all sort of discourage words. You must take action and move, do not procrastinate as they say it only leads to discouragement & failure, stand up, take up your business kit and move. The best and highest secret of success is action, get a clue.

These are my all time recipe for success like I said not just for (CPA) Affiliate success; but for every thing you do, so lets hit cyber-kitchen, and get these recipes steaming hot and smoky!!!


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