Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Running a CPA affiliate Campaign:

To record monumental success in performance based marketing, especially with pay per lead, you need to avoid common mistakes that will cause a drawback to your efforts; below I'll be discussing very common mistake to avoid in order to be successful as a CPA affiliate marketer.

  1. Avoid Over-crowded Niches
  2. : This happens to be the biggest mistakes of most online marketers; they forget that most of the so called big niches are being controlled by a group of mafias under whose dictates these so called niches operate; leaving small untapped niches with money to spend to the monopoly of the savvy marketers who continue to reap from them; so conduct a research on small niches with little audience but good money; there are a good number of free resources to help you like

    Other places worth visiting include forums, social networking sites and online shopping malls like the following

  3. When Making Offers don't Hype them
  4. : Another grave mistake that could cost you your reputation and more; when making offers make sure you highlight the benefits of the affiliate product you are referring, the ugly side or side effects of the products and if possible the testimonials of past users for reference purposes; when you make hypes most potential leads will see your offer as one of those online schemes used in distorting money from unsuspecting individuals and wont hesitate to bang their browser just to flee your affiliate site.

  5. Avoid Spamming
  6. : The worst thing you could do to your online reputation is spamming, examples of spamming include sending un solicited mails to non-prospective recipients,posting promotional contents and materials on social networking sites and forums etc: in this business you need decent leads not spam leads. To get decent leads use the accepted methods like giving away freebies like ebooks, audio and video tutorials, free webinars etc for your prospects to opt in; or run ezine adverts. remember there are thousand if not millions of ezines based on du=different niches, of course you cant be promoting sports offer, then run your CPA affiliate adverts on a health based ezine no: for a comprehensive list of ezines, publication, size and reliability visit

  7. Sound Like a Person and not a Robot
  8. : Remember you are dealing with real human beings who have feelings like you and not some programmed robots doing their master's bidding; be personal and empathetic (not sympathetic) it makes the person on the other side to be confident; and relying so much on technologies like auto responders could not be really productive in the long run if your messages are too biz like; so try running a campaign that makes your prospects see you as a person, and not some kind of cyber space robot programmed to extort money from people at all cost; avoid this common mistake and see your CPA affiliate campaign running very smoothly.

  9. Don't Advertise on Wrong and Unsuitable Platforms
  10. : This is another common mistake(s) to avoid when running your CPA affiliate campaigns: it is like promoting a health related affiliate product on WARRIOR FORUM an internet marketing forum instead of going to a health related forums like HEALTHFORUMS.COM; social networks at times are not suitable for running adverts especially if you don't know the basics and know-how.For more on this, you can read my article on How to Promote CPA Affiliate Offers on Social Networking Sites: other plat forms to avoid includes the following;

    • FFA ( Free For All Link Sites)
    • Ad Blasters

    • Down Line Builders

    • Mediocre Classified Ad Sites: etc

  11. Don't Forget to Withdraw Your offers When they Expire
  12. : Every affiliate marketer me inclusive continue to make this very silly mistake; learn to withdraw your offers when they are expired; that is when the promo time elapses; recently I was running an offer on the platform of Max Bounty, I forgot to withdraw one of the offers I was promoting even after I received an email from my affiliate manager to this effect, and what that means is that when I make referrals who sign up for an expired offer, I will not get my commission since the merchant who owns this product or service is no longer offering it; so avoid this mistake and build your way to success.


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