Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How To Use Get-Paid-to-Write-Review Sites For Effective CPA Affiliate Marketing and Top List of High Traffic Paid-to-Write-Review Sites:

Get-Paid-to-Write-Review Sites are relatively becoming popular these days,as many B2B and fortune 500 companies now part with good sums of money to third party review sites to employ the services of ordinary netizens like you and I to write good reviews for their products and services.

This is what I'll be discussing today on list of top Paid-To-Write-Reviews Sites and how to use these sites for effective CPA Affiliate marketing.

  • Register, Create a Profile, Investigate, Write Your Reviews
  • : This is the first major step, cos you need to know what is the trend on any of these sites before any thing, so you first of all register, create your profile page, investigate trends on the site, then lastly begin making your contributions by way of writing and submitting your reviews for those products and service you are most comfortable with.

  • Write Reviews with hyper links Pointing to Your CPA Affiliate Offers
  • : Most of these sites allow one or two hyperlinks, and you can use this effectively by creating hyper text using keywords of the CPA affiliate offers you are currently promoting. and make sure those hyper links are related to your reviews, don't get things boring or your reader will close be tempted to the window

Now I'll be listing some top Get-paid-to-write-review sites, most of which I use personally, note: you do not need to belong to all these sites for you to make all the money no, just choose the ones you are most comfortable with their services; may be five or six,register and begin submitting your reviews.

  1. MyLot.Com
  2. Make money from posting reviews and getting your reviews read by others.

  3. Shvoong.Com
  4. : Another nice get-paid-to-write-reviews site, at shvoong you can write reviews on other publications, such as magazines, websites, books, newspapers, etc unlike other reviews sites here you can write reviews from other sources, which is good news, since you can import CPA Affiliate offers to promote through your reviews.

  5. Helium.Com
  6. : Just get paid nicely for writing reviews on just any subject, another free advertising platform for those coveted (CPA) Affiliate offers.

  7. Squidoo.Com
  8. : Another great site created by one Seth Godon, here you get to create a lens on any subject of your choice, with your lens you can write reviews any thing catches your fancy; products, services, web sites, books etc; a good platform to get your CPA Affiliate offers exposed.

  9. Ciao.Com
  10. : The biggest Get-paid-To-Write-Reviews site with over a million registered users: as a member you get to choose a wide variety of stuffs to write reviews; if you are savvy enough,you could make mention of those hot CPA Affiliate offers you have, more so you have the access to choose so many stuffs to write reviews for, so you can choose stuffs related to the kind of CPA Affiliate stuffs you are selling.

  11. Product Reviews Australia
  12. : This is one of the biggest review sites on the whole of the internet and its primary concerns is the Australian market place; this is not to say that they do not accept international publishers of course they do. Here as a CPA affiliate you get to write reviews of any offer or campaign you are promoting and get paid doing do.

This is my top pick of Get-Paid-To-Write Reviews sites, there are more, you are free to add yours.


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