Friday, August 7, 2009

Writing Articles That will Increase Your CPA Leads:

Writing articles will for a long time remain one of the most effective means of generating free traffic that will in this case increase your chances as an (CPA) affiliate marketer.

Below, I will be discussing on how to write effective articles that will help increase CPA affiliate leads, remember more leads means more pay checks.

  1. Read Extensively to Build a Topic
  2. :You really need to read extensively to know what is ongoing in the niche you care to write about in relation to the CPA offer you are promoting; visit content rich sites like Ehow.Com and top article directories like EzineArticles.Com tio get a clue, find out the keywords the other writers are using frequently, look at the main points they talk about, look at their writing style: then develop your own; remember plagiarizing is a crime, so don't copy other writers work thinking you can go scot free; remember there are softwares like that at CopyScape.Com that can be used to find out if your content is a duplicate one or original.

  3. USE Catchy and Attention Grabbing Headlines
  4. : Remember a powerful newspaper headline sells the paper, this is also applicable online: so use strong and powerful headlines that will grab the attention of a reader and make him want to see what is it you are talking about; use compelling words like discover, sizzling, wonder why, how to, great, see how, easy ways,even if etc. Imagine an article with the headline

    "Discover hidden secrets of top Forex traders who make 100 pips daily, and how you can join the train to be one of them", and another one that looks like this

    "benefits of FOREX trading"

    The first one made it look real easy by making you understand that there is something you really need to know for you to be as successful as the successful few, while the latter was kinda vague; so learn how to play on the psyche of your reader to crave his indulgence to read your article and by so doing want to hit your site where you present him with your CPA affiliate offer.Visit places like Click Bank Market Place,and freelance writing sites like RentaCoder.Com etc to get a glimpse of top selling sale copies to see their selling headlines.

  5. Show the Benefits of what you are Talking About in your Content
  6. :What wil be the essence of reading your article if it does not contain some thing of value or beneficial to your reader, remember every one online is self centered looking for some kind of fantastic service or product that will be of great value to them not caring a thing in the world as to how the person whose idea it was gets the credit; so make your reader see the importance of your article via the body of the article or the content. It is not about you but about the prospect you are trying to convert to a useful lead especially for your CPA Affiliate offers.

  7. Write For Your Reader, and not for Yourself
  8. : Remember you are not here to promote your self or CPA affiliate offer, rather you are writing to get your reader informed, and not some blatant advertising of your CPA affiliate offer, then while you provide good information, you can now from time to time cheap in the benefits and importance of your offer, how it can save time and money, reduce stress, bring in more money, make you stronger, healthier and happier etc.

  9. Be Concise, Resourceful and Straight to the Point
  10. : You do not need to write a lengthy article of about 1000 useless words, rather make your article very short say 250 words, packed with powerful info that your reader will really gain form reading and at thesame time want to know more about through the CPA offers you are strategically promoting, and wont think it a bad idea to click through your site to get informed. It is really boring to write a very long article, as the human eye seems to get tired and bored viewing some thing weighty and extraneous

So do not hesitate to start writing and submitting those articles as you sit back and watch as your CPA leads starts pouring in like mad; sending more affiliate pay checks to your mailbox.


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