Friday, August 7, 2009

Tips to Make Your Blog Noticed To Increase CPA Affiliate Conversion:

Getting your blog noticed by search engines, blog directories etc especially if you are promoting your pay per lead or CPA offers on it.

Below are tips to help make your blog noticed for more CPA affiliate conversion.

  1. Post Often
  2. : Search engine don't love static sites, this is why content rich sites like Ehow.Com, HubPages.Com,and article directories and blogs are frequently crawled, unlike static sites; so if you post often to your blog, the chances of a keyword phrase in your content popping up in the first ten Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for that keyword is increased, if you face writer's block (who doesn't?) try post marking your posts by creating the titles before hand; if you can't write especially SEO, because this is one tip that you can not ignore if you really wish to make your blog get noticed real soon; then you need to learn search Engine Optimization.there are so many resources online to help you get started; but if you can higher an SEO expert, go to places like RentACoder.Com, GetACoder.Com to place bids for an SEO expert, or buy readyb made articles at a place like ConstantContent.Com

  3. Use Appropriate Key words
  4. : The importance of appropriate placement of keywords (keywords density) can not be over emphasized. Top sites and Blogs enjoying search engines monopoly understand this; one tip to succeed in knowing keyword placement is using keyword research tools like WordTracker's free keyword Tool or Key Word Wrapper to know keyword density of other competitors.this will make the job of getting your blog easily noticed a child's play, bringing in more CPA affilaite conversion to your way, just see how it feels getting paid every day...

  5. Make Your Domain URL Keyword rich to help SEO
  6. : In my early blogging days I never knew the imporatnce of this till I paid dearly; just imagine a search conducted by a person looking for "blogging resources" and your blog domain looks like this; just for having this search phrase as your domain increases the chances of you site being number one, because search engine bots first of all index the URL, before going to the content and so on. To help you with selecting rich keyword domain you can make use of Who.Is free doamin suggestion tool, then do a keyword research, using wordtracker or google adwords tool to see how frequent the keyword phrase was used, to help you avoid over crowded keyword domainm, cause you can afford competitng with the top guys who have the monopoly.

  7. Submit your Blog URL and Feed URL to Blog Directories
  8. : Top Bloggers know the importance of this, wonder why they all have their blogs in the top listing in all the major blogs and feed directories making them stay on top of things; below are some top blog directories to submit your blog URL and feed for more traffic and exposure, and ultimately more CPA conversion

    For a comprehensive list of top directories you can read this Giant List of Blog Directories

  9. Create A Good Profile on Top Content Sites
  10. :Top content sites like HubPages.Com,, Squidoo.Com etc are major rich content sites where you can build a top profile as a writer and contributor, these sites allow you to use their platforms to sell your self; come to think of it, these sites are high traffic sites, search engines crawls these sites every second looking for fresh contents, and HubPages for example display your published works on their homepage; and send email alerts to your content subscribers, and in your content they allow you to leave about five links, including affiliate links, so your can leave links to your blog in between content promoting your hot CPA offers.Tell me what more?..

  11. Post Comments and leave Links on Popular Blogs Related to the CPA niche You are Promoting
  12. : High traffic blogs like Darren Rowse's ProBlogger.Com or John Chow's ShoeMoney.Com are top blogs where you can leave comments and links to your CPA blog (though most of these blogs do not allow back links); for more go to blog directories and search engines like Technorati.Com to do a thorough search of high profile blogs related to your niche and CPA and use them wisely by leaving not mediocre comments, but resourceful comments that other readers will consider useful and would want to click through to your blog to see if you still got stuff

These are some tips on giving your blog and the CPA offers you are promoting the exposure and boosts it needs to bring in more leads for you and ultimately more pay checks...Don't hesitate to add your own tips via comments.


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