Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Promote CPA Affiliate Offers on Social Networking Sites:

Day in day out so many social networking sites with different themes in various niches keeps springing up from various quaters; opening up a whole new opportunity for marketing online the web 2.0 way.Now so many saavy pnline marketers now avail themselves of these platforms to promote various online programs including (CPA) affiliate programs on these social networking sites.

I will like to discuss how you too can be a part of these innovation to promoteyour CPA affiliate offers on these social networking sites.

  1. Identify a Niche Network and Sign Up
  2. : Remember so many social networking sites have been cretaed on various niches and interests: from dating, sex, real estates social networks, to professionals and business executives, college students, internet marketing, gay and lesbians networks, etc; so identify the one that matches the kind of CPA offer you are promoting to sign up.

  3. Build Your Profile
  4. : For you to really make it on any of this social media networks, you really need to build a credible profile or you'll be seen as a nuisance and a spammer, and most times the administrators of these socila networking sites frown at using their platform commercially; now if you follow me on Twitter you'll observe how I write my tweets, sounding social, but on the other hand selling my stuff; to see more you can follow me on twitter by clicking this url Upload an avatar (picture), write a little about your self, fill in your hobbies, likes, dislikes, birth day, job etc, and don't fail to include your blog url if you have one(who doesn't) for other members to visit your site to know your level of expertise, increase traffic hits and CPA leads and even more.

  5. Join a Group/sub-Group or Build your own
  6. : Now to really promote those CPA affiliate offers you really need to identify a group within the network that have thesame interests as to what you are promoting; remember you can belong to a group that are really interested on relationships and dating and sell to them CPA offers that talks about real estates. For example on FaceBook I belong to a group where we discuss generic issues. You can create your own group on any topic or niche of interest from where you can promote your CPA Affiliate offers.

    You can even start you own social networking site using free services provided by sites like Ning.Com that allow you to build your very own social networking site with all the features of a social networking site like instant messaging service, blog, profile page, forum etc.

  7. Become a Problem Solver of your Group
  8. : If you are really following the trend on many social networking sites like 43Things.Com and other similar networks; you'll observe that most of the members discuss personal issues concerning them: it could be debt relief, health problems, parental and adoloescent problems,career head aches, sex, dating and relationship matters etc, this is where you come in as a problem solver.Now to succeed on a social networking site as an (CPA) affiliate, you need to do the following when you spot a problem you know you can solve by making referrals to your CPA offer;

    • make your contributions on the issue at hand

    • make it personal as if you have had a similar experience or you know some body close who have undergone such a harrowing experience in the past

    • suggest a solution

    • include a link or hyperlinked text that points to your CPA OFFER or CPA landing page (be careful when you are doing this, dont spam)
    • Capture the lead and make your pay

    Easy it sounds but not as easy as you think, but if the above instructions are followed to the latter, chances of success is increased.

  9. Make it an Effort to be a great resource to your group
  10. :That you are a CPA affiliate does not mean that at all times you must proffer solutions pointing to your CPA offers, no: rather make it a point to be as resourceful or helpful to other group members by proffering solutions or giving advise that wont make them give away their email addresses to a merchant who does not care about them, but their money and email address; this is one big mistake most people make when marketing on social networking sites.

    Recently one of our group members on FaceBook was sending sporadic spam mails to other group members on one of his affiliate products he was promoting and so many members felt so bad about this; that this particular member is now been seen as a parasite or fluke who wants to suck on the blood of others; so please don't appear so.

  11. Finally, learn to give out freebies to other group members
  12. : The word free is one word that is the most expensive word in the whole of cyberspace and even out side of it; so create free stuffs like ebooks, free video tutorials on a particular issue or problem, create podcasts, audio tutorials etc and more and refer other group members to see these stuffs, you don't know any of these freebies can form the basis of a bostering career as an CPA affiliate on social networking sites.


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