Wednesday, August 5, 2009

List of Best Free Tools and Free wares for Promoting CPA affiliate Offers:

The internet is saddled with so many freebies; every day the list keeps increasing and knowing which is the best free tools and freewares that could be good for promoting CPA affiliate offers remains an up hill task.

The following list of freebies are essential tools that are needed to promote your CPA offers; there are great tools and what makes them even lovelier is that are all free to use for as long as you want.

  • Email Client
  • :Emails remain one the most important CPA affiliate marketing tools; and will remain so for a very long time to come.
    Though having a web hosting account comes with a customized email account; however there are still some free email providers that I still consider indispensable; Below are list of some good email clients that will always come in handy:

    • Yahoo Mail
    • : the flagship in free email providers, the service keeps getting better every day, it comes with a free instant messaging account, yahoo briefcase where you can save your files, an auto responder and other beautiful features and even more that are still in the pipe line.

    • G-mail
    • : Though still in Beta stages; but having a google account is a must have for every body; as it does not only come with an email account; but also with the following;

    1. Google Adwords
    2. : Google PPC advertising network.
    3. Google Adsense
    4. :For publishers to earn money per click from google's advertising network or adwords.
    5. Feed Burner
    6. : for burning feeds for your blogs,managing stats and RSS feeds.
    7. Google Talk
    8. :Google's instant messaging service.
    9. Blogger
    10. :google's free blogging service.
    11. Checkout
    12. :Google's secure online payment processor; just like paypal.
    13. Friend Connect
    14. :This new feature offered by Google allows users to easily add social networking functionality to their sites. You can integrate the program with sites like Facebook and Orkut and best of all it requires no in-depth programming know-how.

    These are the many features and even more you get to enjoy by just having a free googlemail account.

  • Auto Responders and Opt-in List Builder
  • :Remember with an auto responder you can capture the emails of your prospects to build a large and decent list; which makes it easier for you to reach them with you messages on hot CPA offers that can easily convert.Though free auto responders are not really the best if you are a serious online marketer ; but if you dont have the resources to pay up mothly subscription and all of that, then considering using a free one can be useful if only for a short time for promoting hot and high conversion CPA affiliate offers.

    Below are a list of some of the free auto responder services; but if time goes on and things improve, then do not hesitate to upgrade to premium account.

    1. Get Response.Com
    2. : The best auto responder second only to AWEBER (who does not offer a free account).

    3. Auto Responders.Com

    4. Auto Bots.Net

    5. Free Autoresponders.Net

    6. Send Free.Com

    7. Responders.Com

    8. Free Autobot.Com

    With Auto responder you can run an ezine on CPA affiliate offers (or any other niche you wish to cover). remember it take about 5 constant messages to make a conversion; so don't fail to avail your self of these freebies and remember to upgrade when it is necessary.

  • Free Blogging Platforms
  • : Blogs have become one of the most powerful marketing tools since its inception; and nothing more smarter for marketing great CPA offers other than blogs.

    These days so many sites now give free blogging services that one can exploit to create a sizzling CPA affiliate career, among these sites includes;

    • Blogger
    • : Google's free blogging platform; when this service started some few years ago;creating blogger blogs where really mediocre, but now the story is quite different.Now you can even publish your blog using your own custom domain (like this blog); blogger has so improved that I really commend the innovators of this service for giving wordpress a run for their money.

    • WordPress.Com
    • : Another great blogging tools or platform, here you really don't need your own domain as is the case with their premium service at WordPress.Org

    • TypePad.Com
    • : Another free powerful blog publishing tool.

    • BlogLines.Com

  • Key Word Suggestion Tools
  • : Knowing the right kind of key word,right placement,proper keyword density etc is very essential, since more traffic hots to your CPA blog or website means more leads and more conversion and ultimately more checks visiting your mail box.

    Below is a list of free keyword suggestion tool or software to help you with SEO and top SERP for your blog or site;

    1. Google Adwords Keyword tool

    2. Word Tracker Keyword Tool

    3. KeyWord Country.Com

    4. KeyWord Discovery.Com

    5. Adwords wrapper

    6. PPC generator

    7. David Naylor’s keyword density tool or spyfu

These are some very common freewares or tools that we might not regard, but they are really great tools that I believe if put to proper use will increase not just CPA Affiliate earnings, but generally every online endevor we embark on.

So don't hesitate to add your own list by way of comments and suggestion...


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