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If you are into affiliate marketing (who is'nt these days?); you 'll know this is a very controversial question begging for answer, and in so many quaters this issue have remained un resolved for a very long time now ;

However, this is what I'll try to sort out in this write up, so that what ever you promote, is not going to be determined by which is the best (epsecially CPA) affiliate products or services making waves; but that which is worth to promote giving the prevailing circumstances;

So join me below as I discuss in detail each CPA affiliate product and which could be best for you.

  • : People get sick every day and therefore seek solution to their various ailments, and others wants to look more youthful and beautiful; this makes health products one of the fastest consumer moving products online and offline; and so many affiliates now avail them selves of this opportunity to refer clients to these merchant sites; one of the best CPA affiliate referral products include performance enhancement drugs like viagra, stimulants, weight lose pills and diets etc; the following affiliate third party sites are places to go to get a taste of some affiliate dollars;

  • : online match making, building good sexual relations is fast becoming a way of life these days, what more can I say as this is one of the best (in this case CPA) products or service a person can promote and earn useful dollars doing this; a lot of people want information on how to approach a date, keep a relationship going on for years, last longer during sex, increase their sex appeal and libido etc; recently I was promoting a similar CPA product, I think from Max Bounty on match making and the conversion was pretty eye popping; below are some sites where you can become an affiliate based on any of the above niches:

  • ::
    Since the bears have taken over the stock market from the bulls, which has resulted in an unprecedented low in stock market value as a result of global recession; and many people losing their homes for not being able to pay back mortgages and so on: many real estate merchants and mortgage agencies have made a substantial amount of money from this rather unfortunate circumstance, and some of them now offer affiliate programs and most of these programs are pay per lead or cost per action based. The conversion rate of these programs are very high, since so many people now run to these agencies for professional advise on matters such as purchasing land and homes, obtaining loan facilities etc, and if I should ask, what else is any one going to say is the best affiliate program with juicy products and services to promote other than this?

  • this might sound a little fuzzy, but it one of the best cpa affiliate niche you can really promote for some cool cash, though most of this gaming sites promote some kinda adult stuff; but it sure worths it.

    Some very interesting places where you can get real cool stuff as in lead based gaming sites includes

  • : these days that info products presented in form of ebooks, audios and cds are really making solid in roads both online and even offline: making cpa affiliate offers a run-in-the-mill kinda stuff: where all you need is to generate leads or referrals who in turn download a free ebook or e-product and you the affiliate gets paid for such a a lazy activity ; tell me what better way to get some affiliate dollars other than this?

    Below are some top sites where you get hot ebooks and digital downloadables cpa affiliate offers to promote;

    • Click Bank
    • : The flagship in all digital downloadables and e-products; searching their data base you get so many cpa related e-products where you earn from leads referred.

    • Clicks Link
    • : a directory where you get mostly cpa affiliate stuffs to promote including e-products of varios formats.
    • Link Share
    • :

  • : Many online shopping portals now offer various kinds of incentives in form of free shopping vouchers, sweep stakes etc as a form of reward to their affiliates just for generating leads through their campaigns; which involves writing reviews of their services, running ppc ads etc.

    Like I said most of these merchant sites are review sites; below are some of them;

    • DoYoo
    • : get paid about £0.03 for every reveiw that generates a lead in form of the review getting read.
    • Consumer Reviews
    • :

  • :Believe it or not about 45% of adult especially males who surf the net are looking for adult related contents and stuffs: which includes adult DVD's and CD's,various types of stimulants and aphrodisiacs, fulfilling their unrealized sexual fantasies etc.

    some of these sites I am about to list below have some lead based offers; you can belong to these sites and earn money from free trials, sales and more.

These are some top niches where you can generate some substantial and cool dollars promoting hot cpa affiliate offers. So I will love to know your own list to really know WHAT IS THE BEST CPA AFFILIATE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO PROMOTE ONLINE?.

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Anonymous said...

I run health on MaxBounty too. The sh!t converts like crazy! I love it.

chinemeremz said...

maz bounty is a great place, one of the best CPA network, with down to earth affiliate managers

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