Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6 Step to Increase Leads Using Ebooks:

"Ebooks are the future". according to one particular online marketer, and from what I have seen so far, this seems to be the truth, especially when it comes to marketing online where leads are needed.

Now as a CPA affiliate marketer, the following 6 steps will show you how to increase leads using the power of ebooks and what more free ebooks.

  • Research on a niche to get hot topics that sales
  • : though almost every topic have an audience, but this does not mean that every topic sales online; and then don't write topics on overcrowded niches, but small niches that still have money to spend, you can use the following resources to get your niche research started;

  • Write and Create The Ebook
  • : While writing the ebook, remember to include hyper-linked text of most of the CPA offers you are promoting; but don't spam your ebook with affiliate links, but make it rich and resourceful to your reader, this will make them trust the links and would want to click on them to sign up for what ever you are promoting: Creating the ebook for lead generation will not necessarily mean spending money on e-covers, .exe formats, html enabled ebook soft wares and all of that; these days you can create an ebook in pdf format; as that seems to be the only format that is readable not only on windows but mac also. You can use Free PDF Convert's Free PDF convert's service to compile your ebook in pdf format, or visit the Acrobat website at Adobe.Com to create free PDF formatted ebooks.

    You can also get free e-covers, ebook templates,logos etc at Ebiz-Resource.Com

  • Upload your Ebook to Free ebook Listing Directories
  • : This is the time to upload your ebook to directories to get a download URL and make your ebook public especially if you don't have the resources to host it on a customized server.

    The following ebook directories could come in handy for doing just this;

  • Contact Your Prospects
  • : Now is time to look out for those who require the information you have in your free ebook containing links pointing to you CPA affiliate offers, remember a lot of people are hovering about the internet seeking for freebies and would not fail to download a free ebook proffering a solution to a pressing problem. issue or even fantasy; imagine an ebook with the title "loose 50 pounds in a week" and some one as obsessed as humty-dumpty comes across such free offer would not hesitate to sign up or download this highly prized info.

    You can meet your prospects at forums and message boards like AskMen.Com, social networking sites like 43Things.Com, search engines etc.

  • Distribute Your Ebook in Exchange for you Prospects Email Address
  • : This is time to give away your ebook free of charge with an opt in form in exchange for your prospects' contact; remember you need an auto responder for this; if you don't have one you can get one for free now at with this you can do the following

    • Create an Opt-in-Form

    • Maintain your List

    • Help you send Personalized Emails to Your Leads

    • Put your CPA Affiliate Biz on Auto-pilot

  • Sell More CPA offers with your Ebooks and create more back-end Products
  • : Remember your ebook is now like a viral marketing tool, and as more of it is distributed, more leads, and more checks; to increase the leads create more back-end products like asking your leads to sign up for a free email course or tutorial just for downloading your free ebook, create more free resourceful ebooks, video tutorials etc as an incentive for downloading your ebook; sit back and watch as the leads pour in, and more CPA affiliate pay checks hitting your mailbox.

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