Monday, May 18, 2009

10 Ways to Promote Your CPA Offers Free of Charge [PART ONE]

To ensure more CPA conversions, you really need to raise the stakes; and raising the stakes in this context will mean getting more coveted traffic to your CPA campaign offers; and how you do this will determine your success vis a vis your failure as a CPA affiliate.

Below are 10 result oriented ways to promote your CPA offers at no cost at all;there are simple and almost every body knows about them; but not every body gets to use them as majority prefers gray hat SEO techniques that Google and Yahoo always frown at; and wont waste time banning sites who implement them; the purpose here is to remind you of these great white hat techniques that guarantees long term success and remember there are all free to use!!!

  2. : I have come to love this method since I joined the affiliate marketers train; as your articles will remain the data base of this directories for a very long time to come; and remember your resource box (a little description of yourself and web link) is useful link back to your web site and ultimately to the CPA goodies you are promoting;

    Top article directories you can submit your article to include;

  4. : Message boards are a great way to make useful Cpa conversions, most of the leads I got so far are mostly from high activity forums such as

  6. : It has become a new practice by many fortune 500 companies to use reviews sites to get useful leads to maximize their profit margin; writing a review will involve you the publisher writing a review of a product or service of a merchant who gets to pay you when your review is either read, voted or approved: as a CPA affiliate this is another great opportunity for you to market your Cpa offers by writing and posting great reviews on these sites;

    Below are a list of review sites where you can write and post CPA reviews for more leads and more pay checks;

    • CIAO
    • a wonderful get paid to write review site;one of the best with high activity; very good for marketing CPA offers.

    • MY LOT
    • : another great review site with one of the highest hits per day; a very sociable website, where users can make money simply from posting content to the site; this is another rare opportunity for you as a CPA affiliate pick up leads for the success of your campaign.

    • SQUIDOO,
    • ; at squidoo you create lens that can come in the form of reviews.

    • : here you get to write reviews of both your worst experience or vice versa of shops you have shopped; interestingly most B2B shops now advertise on many CPA advertising networks like max bounty, share a sale, pepper jam network etc; which makes it easy for to pick up great leads from your reviews.

  8. : one of the high points of web 2.0 is the springing up of so many popular social bookmarking sites; as a Cpa affiliate you can pick up leads from most of these sites if you really understand the basics of doing so; remember most of these sites deal with a particular group of people; so don't expect to get leads from a social networking site that discusses relationships and you promote a CPA offer of "how to make money" rather than stuffs like "how to make up with an ex" and stuffs like that; so make sure you understand the trend by identifying the niche associated with the group you want to sale an offer.

    Some popular social bookmarking sites where you can pick up leads include;

  10. : Blogs are powerful marketing tools for the simple reason that search engines love blogs; remember about 80% of traffic to websites are from search engines, so having a blog could be a powerful affiliate marketing tool to increase CPA leads: with blogs just any body can become an instant publisher or writer; starting a blog itself is no big deal, your blog could be either a free one or paid one

    To create a blog you can use the following tools;

    • : owned by google and free.
    • WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG: The former is free and the latter requires purchasing a domain and hosting account; wordpress publishing software happens to be the most proffessional and most powerful blog publishing platform.
    • DRUPAL

    • TYPE PAD

This is part one;I'll be releasing the sequel to this write up: till then keep doing all you know best; cos all you can do is all you can really do!!!


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