Monday, May 18, 2009


Do you really need a website to promote CPA'S? This question I will love to look into as I discuss simple and cost effective ways of promoting CPA or PPL offers without even having a domain or hosting account (website).

It is no longer news that you must not have a functional www before you make it as an affiliate marketer;though this would have been some kind of farce during the web 1.0 days when only B2B industries and organizations own the world wide web; before the legendary dotcom burble burst that ushered in web 2.0 to the benefit of all netizens like you and I to make our little contributions and reap the bounties that comes with being a member of cyberspace (netizen).

below are simple ways to promote a CPA offer without having a website

  2. : This is google's big contribution to cyberspace and one of the simplest blogging platform any newbie can promote from; having a blogger blog is as good as having your own website; one good thing about blogger is that you can choose to publish your blog using a custom domain removing the blogspot in your free domain; you can get a free domain from and point it to google servers to make your domain look like this- hosted on blogger as is the case with this blog you are browsing through.With this your blog looks more professional and very eay to promote any affiliate offer including CPA.

  4. : This is courtesy of one of the best brains in blogosphere Seth Godin, having a squidoo page is the same thing as having a website; here you are allowed to create a lens; through your lens you can promote CPA and other affiliate offers, display ads, write reviews or do just any thing that catches your fancy but does not go against the terms of use; having a squidoo account will furnish you the with feed url of any publication you make, expose your lens to search engine spiders(which to me is the best aspect of it) because search engines love squidoo lenses as they make it a point to crawl this site (especially google bots) every now and then for new and fresh contents which happens every now and then at squidoo; you can get your own squidoo page by signing up here

  6. : I love this website as this is where most CPA affiliates make their first conversion; at hubpages you create "HUBS"; with your hub you can promote about any thing as you are allowed to place about three in bound links of any offer you are making; the thing here is that if your hub is littered with affiliate links there is a likelihood that it will be considered spam content and this could hurt your hub profile; though it is a great place to promote yoor CPA offers try not to spam the site ; to get a free hubpage account you can follow this link. Another great thing with hubpages is that you are allowed to bookmark your hub on social bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, stumbleupon, linkedin etc you can even get followers to your twitter pages I'm really getting excited as there are so many other things about hubpages which you can only benefit from by signing up free of charge.

  8. : This is more of a social bookmarking/networking site where you can share your beautiful moments with friends by way of videos, pictures and blogs; through your blog you can promote your CPA offer and one more thing you can reap from the google adsense ads displayed on your blog which is another stream of income for you; for more on this site click here to get your free account.

  10. : Until now I'm yet to figure out what the word "shvoong" really means; but that is not really necessary compared to the benefits one gets from using this website; though it is a revenue sharing website like flixya and hubpages; it gives you a chance to get your self known through writing; another wonderful thing with this site is that it allows links in the body of your writings giving you an incredible opportunity to promote that CPA offer on their platform which is a high activity site; since it is a high activity site it means more clicks and more leads and the best of it more pay checks piling in you mail box via the CPA you are promoting; to join this wonderful site follow this link and you'll be glad you did.

  11. E-HOW
  12. : Another wonderful publishing platform for low budget publishers like you and I to launch a successful affiliate campaign especially CPA promotion; at e-how you are not limited, here you write great "how to" articles pertaining to any thing you have knowledge of. If you as web savvy as I would think; this is a free opportunity to promote those Cpa offers through writing "how-to" reviews of any of the offer: the good thing with ehow is that members receive email updates of great articles with links to related articles; if you are lucky yours could be picked up or among the related articles which is a great and wonderful exposure for you and a chance to pick up leads and new sign ups for the CPA offer you are promoting.

Watch out for the sequel to this list; but while doing that you can start using the above listed platforms instead of disturbing your self over getting a domain and hosting account, all the best as more CPA affiliate pay checks hit your mail box: till then ciao!!!


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