Friday, May 15, 2009


Cost Per Action or what we call Pay Per Lead is a kind of program where an affiliate makes a referral of some product or service to a client or prospect (lead); and if the leads takes an action like signing up for a free trial of a service for example downloading a free version of a new software or maybe a newsletter subscription, download a free ebook or even give out personal details like first name and email address and the affiliate who made the referral gets paid for it simple!

To me this remains one of the best programs since the advent of affiliate marketing;as even newbies like you and I can now make some very useful conversion that would have been very difficult as is the case with other affiliate programs like pay per sale or even pay per click;

Below are some personal reasons as it is strictly personal since every body is entitled to his or her opinion as regards what I'm about to discuss below;

  1. High Conversion
  2. :This is undoubtably the most interesting attribute of this program; and this is why most people promote lead programs these days more than others;and this is why big affiliate networks like max bounty, pepperjam network are the bride of affiliate marketers; and other big networks like click bank, commission junction and even google have all commenced one form of pay per lead (action) program or the other just for the simple reason that the conversion rate is high since the prospect only need to take some simple action and not buy some thing for you the affiliate to make a commission: now compare a pay per sale program where you need to make a referral who buys something for you to make a commission of about $10 and a pay per lead program where your referral needs to do is sign up for some freebie for you to get a $1 commission

    For a commission of $20 to be made to receive a pay out in a pay per sale program; the affiliate needs to make about 30 referrals and about tow conversion depending on the kind of campaign or process he applies making a conversion of two people could be an uphill task; but with the other that is pay per lead all he need is the 20 referrals who I believe will sign up for what is being recommend for him to make $20 so judging by this ratio is left for you to decide which you prefer; the former or the latter?

  3. Easy To Promote
  4. : To succeed in affiliate marketing all you need to use are proven strategies that have been working for others and know how to make it work for you: what more, as a pay per lead affiliate most of these strategies are simple and free; all you need in most cases is a good preview of what you are promoting by way of writing good reviews; making forum posting with a link back to to the merchant site (be careful as most forums will consider this spamming which is not good for your business), using social networking and bookmarking sites like digg, mixx, etc, and writing and submitting articles to article directories like ezinearticles, goarticles, isnare etc: and sit back and watch the pay checks hitting your mail box every other day. Now tell me what beats this?...

  5. The Vogue
  6. : Like I said earlier; since the introduction of affiliate marketing pay per lead or cost per action is the vogue take it or leave it; many advertising networks have made serious money from many fortune 500 companies through this wonderful web 2.0 initiative and this is why you need to join the and wagon to reap from this rain of dollars before the su.n sets in.

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