Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6 Steps to Convince a Prospect to Sign Up as Your Lead

As a CPA Affiliate marketer, your greatest head ache is getting leads to sign up for the offers you are promoting, this is what I will be discussing in 6 steps; how you can effectively convert new leads, and more checks.

  1. Use Catchy and Attention Grabbing Headlines for your Reviews and Ads
  2. In my post Copy Writing Skills That Will Enhance Your CPA Affiliate Career, I stressed the importance of using catchy and attention grabbing headlines to lure those prospects to becoming useful leads; what I call the 4 A-I-D-A, you can check the post for more on this.
  3. Briefly Introduce Your self when he Lands On your Landing Page
  4. These days most people get wary of things online, there want to make sure that they are dealing with humans and not cyber robots, so this is why a little introduction of who you are is very important, especially as you'll want to get him first to your list, before the merchant's I stressed the importance of first getting your prospect to your own list before re-directing him to that of the merchant's in my post Creating A Successful Email Marketing Technique to Increase CPA Affiliate Yields I explained in details how you can create a landing page for future marketing of CPA Affiliate offers to your leads.
  5. Be Empathetic
  6. I have on many blog posts stressed the need of being not sympathetic, but empathetic: being empathetic in this regard means knowing where the shoe pinches, and knowing where the shoe actually pinches makes you know the exact antidote.
  7. Align the Benefits of Your Offer
  8. If you don't highlight the benefits of using the product or service you are recommending, then what is the heck of talking about it then? so make sure you give in brief and concise details some or even almost all of the benefits of your offer, always keep that in mind. In my post How to Promote CPA Affiliate Offers on Social Networking Sites I stressed the benefits of being resourceful, and one of those ways was aligning the benefits of what ever you deem fit for the other person, in makes your offer mouth watering and all together hot get a clue!
  9. Don't Be too Pushy, Rather Sound Convincing
  10. in my post 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Running a CPA affiliate Campaign I made it clear that when you make offers, don't over-hype them, by doing this it gives you out in bad light, and then makes you look pushy and over bearing to your prospect; instead of doing this, sound convincing and above all real: if they are side effects to what you are recommending, don't hesitate to make mention of it, remember even if the product is not yours, you could have yours out in the markets tomorrow, and if you recommended a bad product or service in the past, then your future offers will be disregarded, so be careful.
  11. Then Call to Action
  12. This is the last and most important step, of course if you still need those CPA Affiliate checks visiting your mail box, then this is where you need to invest every thing you know; to get your prospect to act you need to write a very good review in in the form of a landing page; for more you can see my post How To Use Get-Paid-to-Write-Review Sites For Effective CPA Affiliate Marketing and Top List of High Traffic Paid-to-Write-Review Sites, here I discussed in details the nitty-gritty of writing a good review that will sale those CPA Affiliate offers,and keep you buoyant always.

These are six simple, but powerful Steps to Convince a Prospect to Sign Up as Your Lead, what a way...


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